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SQL Tutorial

SQL Tutorial for Data and Business Analysts

Welcome to your first step to becoming a data professional! Learn SQL to access, manage, and analyze data stored in databases. No coding experience needed.

Learning SQL (Structured Query Language) is the perfect start a career in data analysis and an excellent entry point to programming because its syntax is especially human-readable. You can guess what the commands do even if you don’t know any SQL.

When you become familiar with SQL, you unlock several new potential career paths, such as

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developer

Data analysis is a valuable skill in today’s data-driven world. It helps individuals and organizations who want to answer questions with data.

SQL is the standard data analysis programming language that allows data professionals to communicate with data stored in databases. It is used to access, manage, and analyze data. It is very easy to learn, and is among the most in-demand job skills.

We have designed this tutorial for people who have no SQL coding experience and wish to advance their analytic skills beyond the world of spreadsheets, especially when too much data causes them to freeze. Learning SQL will empower you to be more autonomous, better understand how your data is structured, and to expand your professional development with a new skill.

The SQL tutorial has four levels beyond this introductory section, which you can navigate using the sidebar on the left. You can follow lesson by lesson and come back anytime. If you already have some SQL training, choose the level you want and skip what you already know.

Need a SQL editor to get started? Download a free trial of Coginiti Pro to practice your queries.