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SQL Intermediate Tutorial

You are at the SQL Intermediate Tutorial for Data and Business Analysts. Congratulations!

You learned the basic SQL commands and operators, how to order data, use parameters in SQL queries, export data, and much more! Now, it is time to get to know the essential concepts and functions for analyzing large datasets.

This intermediate level introduces basic aggregation functions such as SQL Count, Sum, Min/Max, and AVG. After this level, you will perform basic mathematical operations on your data, including counting the number of records, summing up values, finding the minimum and maximum values, and calculating averages. It also covers SQL Group By and Having clauses, which allow you to group data by one or more columns and filter groups based on certain conditions.

The tutorial then moves on to Pivoting and Transposing methods for reorganizing data to analyze it better. Joins and Union are also covered.

The SQL Intermediate Tutorial concludes with an overview of more advanced SQL concepts such as Subqueries, Window Functions, and String Functions. Finally, Charting is introduced as a tool for visualizing your data.