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Rename a Column

How to Rename a Column in SQL

To keep your database organized, you might need to change the names of the columns. To rename a column in SQL, you can use the ALTER TABLE statement with the RENAME COLUMN clause.

Here is the basic syntax:

ALTER TABLE table_name 
RENAME COLUMN old_column_name TO new_column_name;

For example, suppose you have a table called “tv_show” with a column named “genre”. To rename this column to “category”, you would use the following SQL statement:

ALTER TABLE tv_show 
RENAME COLUMN genre TO category;

After executing this query, the column previously known as “genre” will now be called category. Note that renaming a column will not change the data stored in that column, but it will change the column’s name in the table schema.

If renaming doesn’t solve your problem, you can add a new column or drop a column from your table.