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Powerful Query & Analysis

Quickly and easily build the analytics you need

Shorten time-to-insight and increase analyst efficiency with Coginiti’s powerful query and analysis capabilities.

Coginiti powerful query and analysis
Query Editor

Focused Query Editor

Enjoy productivity gains with Coginiti’s priority-focused code editor which surfaces powerful functionality just when you need it. Users love our cross-database autocomplete and deep database object integration. It’s also fast and easy to quickly insert business logic, adjust parameters, and reuse curated SQL with just a few keystrokes.


Cross-database autocomplete saves time and eliminates frustration with typeahead visibility into all supported objects.

Reference Catalog Objects

Promote analytic consistency by referencing saved catalog entries as modularized objects in the code editor.

Custom Shortcuts

Editable keyboard shortcuts are available for just about any action — or bring up the Command Palette to quickly locate and select one of our time-saving editor functions.

Coginiti powerful query and analysis
Analyze Results

Uncover Data Insights

Coginiti’s advanced grid and charting lets you effortlessly re-shape query output and further analyze results using aggregations, pivoting, filtering and visualization.

Filter & Transpose

While complex SQL statements can give you any output you want, analysts still love Coginiti’s powerful, efficient ability to work with query results and confidently make sense of the data.

Aggregate, Pivot & Chart

Use pivot tables and charts to enjoy more “Aha!” moments of insight. With simple drag & drop functionality, you’ll quickly glean insights hidden among rows and rows of results.

Export to File

With a simple click, you can export results to a configurable CSV or Excel file to support analytic pipelines or offline analysis.

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“Coginiti Team and code sharing just make life easier, because you write one script and share it with the rest of your team.


We use it with Snowflake. It’s so easy to access the data. You can see all the history for your queries…with catalogs, it makes it very easy to reuse the code, then share it with my team or with teams across different departments.”

Nada Bassil
Business Intelligence Manager, North America
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