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Harnessing the Power of AI Responsibly: Our Commitment at Coginiti

AI offers significant opportunities to transform the way enterprises manage, analyze, and extract value from their data. In particular, new advancements in large models now give AI the unprecedented ability to generate SQL, suggest optimization patterns, translate between SQL dialects, and explain SQL errors. AI promises to speed development, improve learning, enhance decision-making, and unlock potential across all aspects of data operations. However, the adoption of AI brings with it unique challenges and risks that must be addressed responsibly. Ensuring the security, privacy, and conscientious use of AI on your most critical corporate data is at the core of our mission at Coginiti.

Our Dedication to Responsible AI

The Coginiti AI Principles stand as a testament to our commitment to prioritize and protect our customers’ interests and data. Our aim isn’t just to guide our own use of AI, but also to stress the necessity of responsible usage by our customers. By adhering to these principles, we believe we can leverage AI’s advantages without compromising proprietary data or operational integrity.

Coginiti’s Commitments to Responsible AI Use

When integrating AI capabilities into Coginiti products, we remain committed to the following principles:

  • Customer Control

We ensure our customers maintain full control over their data and processes. Customers have the freedom to enable or disable AI use and determine its application to their data.

  • Human Oversight

We always involve a human in the loop when AI interacts with customer data, ensuring that AI’s efficiency is balanced with human judgement and oversight.

  • Clear Explanations

We strive to provide users with a clear understanding of our AI systems’ workings and the logic behind the output, ensuring context for the users.

  • Permissions Adherence

Our AI systems strictly adhere to the control and permission policies across Coginiti, providing rigorous protection against data leakage and unauthorized access.

  • Transparency

We are dedicated to maintaining transparency about our AI practices, technology, vendors, and data usage.

  • Trustworthy AI Models

We source high-quality AI models from trusted vendors to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety.

  • Explicit Authorization

We won’t use customer metadata to train AI models without explicit consent.

Enterprise Responsibilities

While we strive to use AI ethically, we also emphasize the responsibility of our customers in using AI judiciously. It’s crucial to understand AI’s limitations, avoid illegal or unsafe behaviors, prevent AI from making harmful autonomous decisions without human review, and stay compliant with laws/regulations.
Together, we can responsibly harness the transformative power of AI. Reach out to us at Coginiti to learn more about our software and how we can help you leverage AI’s potential responsibly and effectively.