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SQL Analysis Tutorial

Welcome to the Analysis level of SQL for Data and Business Analysis Tutorial! Now you’ll learn the essentials to take your career to a higher level.

The analysis section of this tutorial covers a range of topics that can help you become more proficient in SQL. One of the key concepts discussed is using the Coalesce function, which is useful when handling NULL values in your data. Speaking of which, you’ll also learn how to compare two values when one is NULL.

When analyzing data over time or across different groups, you may need to get the first row per group or know how to avoid gaps in data.

It also discusses how to do type casting in SQL, which is useful when changing the data type of a column. You’ll learn to use common table expressions (CTE) to simplify complex queries and make them more readable.

The tutorial also covers writing a case statement, useful when creating conditional logic in your queries. Finally, we will discuss how to query a JSON column, which is becoming increasingly common as more data is stored in JSON format.