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Coginiti Team is where data professionals work as one

Collaboration to radically improve your data team productivity.
The foundation of a data-driven organization.

Everyone collaborates around a shared catalog.

The Data Engineer builds data products.
The Business Analyst works from data to iterate on insights.
The Executive shares insights w customer.
The Data Scientist uses the data and insights to build models.
The Partner contributes data to enhance the building blocks.
The Customer queries insights to optimize their business.
We're able to superpower our team and deliver greater insights at the speed of business.
Team leaders

Increase your team's collective productivity

  • Quickly onboard new team members
  • Level-up every member to your strongest
  • Grow your team’s intellectual assets
It’s great that I’m able to write queries against multiple data platforms without having to open a new tool.

Discover and create insights

  • Explore and analyze data across all data platforms
  • Everything you need in one tool
  • Easily find previous versions of shared code
The catalog allows me to build my pipeline from reusable blocks and manage versions of my work.
Data Engineers

Design, build, and maintain your data warehouse

  • Efficiently create and share data models and schemas
  • Work against any data platform
  • Build your pipeline from shared and reusable components
Using the shared Catalog, we have everyone working from a common foundation of analysis.

Create standard analytic products from your organization's best work

  • Promote the best analysis into your metrics catalog
  • Help teams optimize their work
  • Create standard practices and guidance
I want to be able to provide the context of the SQL for others to see what the code is used for.
Data Scientists

Spend less time cleaning data and more time training models

  • Spend less time cleaning data and more time training models
  • Reuse common data cleansing code
  • Collaborate with your entire team

Every line of SQL is valuable to your entire team

Your team’s lines of code are assets that everyone can benefit from. Share them. Open them up for collaboration with Coginiti Team.

A faster way to build data pipelines

Coginiti’s Active Analytics Catalog turns SQL into building blocks.

Coginiti Team

Discover and reuse your team's best work

Make your team’s code visible and usable for all.

  • Make your work visible, not stuck in files, emails or instant messages
  • Search across your entire history and shared catalog
  • Rich metadata helps everyone find the right analytic for their project
Coginiti Team

Keep all your work in sync by managing multiple versions

Coginiti’s version management provides everyone a clear view of change. When you need to make a change, update your active analytics catalog object. Your update will propagate to dependent analytics.

  • Make code changes in one spot
  • Code changes updates all dependencies
  • Visibility downstream lets users choose the appropriate version

What is an analytics catalog?

Coginiti Team

Keep your work secure

Coginiti gives you complete control over the way your team works—with flexible sharing permissions and security controls.

  • Centrally manage security and provisioning
  • Give access to users that meet your team’s security standards
  • Users provide different access permissions to team members using dynamic entitlements

Customers comment on Coginiti at the Unite 2022 Summit

Database Platform Support

Universal Support from Industry Leaders

Connect to today’s modern cloud and on-premise databases, with deep native support for:

Amazon Redshift

Amazon RDS

Amazon Aurora


Apache Hive

Microsoft SQL Server

Azure SQL Server

Azure Synapse

Google Big Query

Apache Spark

VMware Tanzu Greenplum




Coginiti is here to help

Your team’s lines of code are assets that everyone can benefit from. Open them up for collaboration with Coginiti Team.

Coginiti Team
Product manager

Partnering with our customers

Our Product Managers are super familiar with the context of you work. They bring empathy and logic to their understanding of your needs, and the opportunities for innovation that can result. Your ideas become the fuel for our engineering team to continually innovate.

We’ll help you adopt collaborative best practices. We can schedule check-ins to make sure you’re maximizing the value of Coginiti Team.

Coginiti Team
Customer Success

Get up and running in no time

Deploying and using Coginiti Team is a breeze. You can download the product and fire it up on your own or our Customer Success team is always here to help. We will work with you to ensure everything is up and running as expected, and share some tips and tricks about how you can quickly import your current SQL code to Coginiti Team.

Coginiti Team

Join the other businesses who use Coginiti to help make their organizations radically more productive.

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