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SQL Advanced Tutorial

Welcome to the Advanced level of SQL for Data and Business Analysis Tutorial! Now, you will explore the powerful capabilities of SQL for advanced data analysis, optimization, and automation.

At this level, we’ll explore some of the most powerful features of SQL for data analysis and optimization. First up, we’ll dive into CoginitiScript, which enhances your experience reusing queries and following the same best practices of code organization. They help you automate tasks and simplify complex queries, saving time and increasing efficiency.

We’ll also dig into key metrics such as Retention Rate, Churn, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Satisfaction Score, which are crucial for measuring business success. Following, we’ll cover how to work with SQL on different platforms and learn how to use Index, CREATE INDEX, and DROP INDEX for query optimization.

Finally, we’ve got you covered if you’re dealing with time-based data. We explain the Group by Time and Query Date and Time, enabling you to segment your data into different periods for deeper insights. We also show you how to round timestamps and convert UTC to local time, making working with time-based data across different time zones easy.

With its advanced features for automation, key metric analysis, and time-based analysis, you’ll be prepared to gain deeper insights into your data and empower your business to make informed decisions.