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Deep Database and Object Store Support

One platform to access all your data

Securely connect to your data with deep, industry-leading database object integration.

Deep Database Support with Coginiti
Database Explorer

Database Explorer

Our database platform connections go well beyond ticking checkboxes. With support for multiple authentication methods and deep database object visibility, it’s easy to understand why Coginiti is the premier application for building analytics.

Connection Templates

Simplify onboarding with centrally define database connections, specifying the proper driver, host, and authentication method.

Broad Object Visibility

Enjoy complete visibility for objects such as external tables, system tables & views, data shares, ML models, and object store files.

Scripts & Data Review

Bypass the tedium of writing out common queries by utilizing pre-written scripts tailored to each database object.

Deep Database Support with Coginiti
Easy Data Loading

Simple Wizards for Ingesting New Data

Whether for ad hoc analysis or adding to an existing table, analysts love the power of our bulk load and data insert wizards to quickly and reliably upload data.

Object Store Integration

Connect, Browse, & Query Data in Object Store Files. No Compute Required.

Build and execute complex data pipelines, ingest data into analytical workflows, and unify your view of data across Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

Database Platform support

Universal Support from Industry Leaders

Connect to today’s modern cloud and on-premise databases, with deep native support for top platforms, including:

Amazon Redshift


Google BigQuery

VMware Tanzu Greenplum





Any JDBC Supported Database

Frame 134

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