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As the leader in cloud computing, Amazon’s importance in data management applications could not be overstated. Coginiti is an Amazon select partner and our seamless Redshift integration powers thousands of users both inside and outside Amazon.
Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that provides a wide range of tools and infrastructure for businesses and developers to build, deploy, and scale applications, store data, and perform complex computations. Together, Google Cloud and Coginiti enable companies to build, publish, and consume trusted data products.
Coginiti’s products provide seamless integration across the Microsoft platforms including direct integration with SQL server (on-premise and cloud), and Synapse. Our ability to publish analytics for visualization in PowerBI provides analysts with a seamless capability from data to results.
Snowflake was the first truly cloud data-warehouse, and their elastic computing model for both Azure and AWS, makes them a leading choice for analytics investments. Coginiti is a Snowflake technology partner – providing seamless connectivity for SQL developers, data analysts and data engineers.
Take advantage of our Databricks Technical Partnership to streamline data exploration and analysis on the Lakehouse Platform. Unlock the full potential of your data by combining the power of Coginiti’s data and analytics workspace with Databricks’ unparalleled data compute capabilities.
Maximize the high-performance capabilities of Yellowbrick with Coginiti. We’ve partnered with Yellowbrick to provide products that streamline data transformation and analytic development to deliver actionable insights across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.
Trino is a game-changer in large-scale data querying. Our deep integration allows you to explore, analyze, and transform data from across your entire organization at speeds that were once unthinkable, unlocking critical insights to gain competitive advantage and drive business growth.
Portable helps data teams ingest data from bespoke business applications by building and maintaining hard-to-find ELT connectors. Portable shines with lightning-fast connector development, hands on support, and transparent, flat-rate pricing.
With deep expertise in the FMCG and Retail sectors, Clearbox helps companies implement data led strategies to drive their sales programs. Coginiti powers the Clearbox solution set offering a fast, open and flexible platform in this demanding marketplace.
Coginiti partners with StrataFusion to help companies navigate the ever-changing technology and business landscape. Coginiti’s expertise in delivering data and analytic solutions helps StrataFusion and its clients deliver effective business results.