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SQL Delete

How to Delete Data in SQL

You have already learned how to drop a table and a view, and now you’ll learn the SQL Delete statement. DROP and DELETE are two different operations to remove data from a database. The SQL DELETE removes specific rows of data from a table, while DROP removes an entire database object.

Here’s the syntax for the SQL DELETE:


For example, suppose you have a tv_show table, and you want to delete all the records launched after 2000. The SQL statement would be:

year_launch > 2000

Note that it’s recommended to back up the database before executing a DELETE statement, as the SQL DELETE permanently removes data from a table.

An Easier Way to Delete Data

If you are in Coginti, you can right-click the table you want to delete data. The application will generate the code with the proper schema, and you can fulfill the conditions to specify what will be deleted.

Gif is showing how to automatically open a dialog in Coginiti Pro to generate the SQL DELETE statement.