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Explore the latest features in Coginiti Team and Enterprise Version 24.4, including AI enhancements with RAG and Anthropic models, improved CoginitiScript execution, and KeyCloak integration for Redshift. Discover how these updates can transform your data analysis and management. Learn more
Discover how Coginiti is revolutionizing its AI Assistant interactions for customers through the innovative implementation of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Learn more
Discover the transformative journey of the Coginiti AI Assistant, enhancing data analysis with the latest GPT and Claude models, code optimization, and RAG integration. Experience how AI is revolutionizing productivity for data professionals. Learn more
Explore the quirky yet effective Rubber Duck Debugging technique that helps programmers solve coding problems. Discover how talking to a rubber duck can unlock creative solutions and improve coding efficiency. Ideal for developers seeking innovative debugging strategies. Learn more
Coginiti continues to lead the way in enhancing data engineering and analysis workflows with its latest release. Our focus on collaboration, performance optimization, and seamless... Learn more
In the realm of data management, the emergence of SQL (Structured Query Language) marks a pivotal moment in the history of database systems. Conceived by... Learn more
We’re thrilled to announce Coginiti 23.12, bringing even more advancements to your data engineering and analysis workflows. This release is packed with AI enhancements, CoginitiScript... Learn more
We’re excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.11 with significant enhancements designed to enrich your data engineering and analysis experience. This update includes new... Learn more
In the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence, this weekend marked a significant moment with notable leadership changes at OpenAI. These developments have sparked discussions and speculations... Learn more