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Integrate Your Data Stack

Coginiti brings unmatched efficiency to your data and analytics workflow, seamlessly integrating with popular third-party tools, databases, and platforms in your enterprise data stack.

Explore a sample of integration opportunities below.
Integrate Your  Data Stack Integrate Your  Data Stack

Data Storage and Compute

Integrate with data platforms, analytics engines, and object storage to query, fetch, transform, analyze, or materialize data.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Visualize your Coginiti metrics and insights in BI and analytics platforms to explore your data and deliver business value.

Data Orchestration

Optimize your analytics workflows by automating modular CoginitiScript blocks for data quality testing and efficient data materialization.

Deliver reliable data with confidence and certainty

Coginiti Pro
Coginiti Pro
For Individual Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts
Coginiti Team
Coginiti Team
Collaborative Workspace for Data Teams & Departments
Coginiti Enterprise
Coginiti Enterprise
Manage Collaborative Data Efficiency for Global Organizations