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Coginiti Pro – tool that elevates your productivity.

We’re analysts too. We understand what you need to complete projects efficiently and effectively. We’ve built Pro as the one tool to tackle all your data and analytic needs.

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Your roadmap to success

You’ve got an assignment. Consider the following:


What data do I need?


Where do I get the optimal data?


How do I analyze it? What methods will bring me the best results?


Do the results make sense to me?


Will this be repeatable? Can I reuse my queries and results for a similar project?


Who can I share this with? Who will benefit from my work?

Coginiti Pro is the one tool
for all your data and analytic needs

Any Data Platform
Any Data Platform

With support for any data platform, you can access all your data silos.

Pro Pro
Catalog & Versioning
Catalog & Versioning

Reuse and understand your code.
Keep track of the changes.

Stay in One Tool
Stay in One Tool

Aggregations, pivoting, and charting
answers to all business questions.

Team Team

Built with your role in mind

Data Engineers

The catalog allows me to build my pipeline from reusable blocks and manage versions of my work.

Design, build, and maintain your data pipeline

  • Build your pipeline with reusable components
  • Work against any data platform
  • Efficiently create data models and schemas


It’s great that I’m able to write queries against multiple data platforms without having to open a new tool.

Discover and create insights

  • Explore and analyze data across all data platforms
  • Everything you need in one tool
  • Easily find previous versions of your code

Data Scientists

I want to be able to provide the context with the data to build other models.

Less time cleaning data, more time training models

  • Build consistent feature sets for training and modeling
  • Reuse common data cleansing code
  • Explore data and iterate freely

Manage and reuse all your SQL

Spend less time re-coding your SQL and more time reusing it

Your SQL is now object-oriented

Coginiti Pro is the best way to make SQL objects easily reusable

Your Personal Search Engine
Your Personal Search Engine

Your SQL is now more visible and easily reusable so you spend less time rewriting lines of code.

  • Your SQL is no longer tucked in files where it’s often hard to find.
  • Search across your entire SQL query history and personal catalog.
  • Understand why you wrote the code in the first place by adding rich titles and descriptions.
Understand why you wrote the code in the first place by  adding metadata
Understand why you wrote the code in the first place by adding metadata

Code updates are inevitable. It’s hard to remember all the places where a change in one place will impact other analysis. With Coginiti Pro, when you make a change to SQL in your catalog, all dependent analytics will automatically be updated too.

  • Update code in one spot.
  • Any updates will propagate to all dependent analytics.
  • Rerun your analyses quickly with your code changes.

What is an analytics catalog?

A Personal Repository for All  Your SQL
A Personal Repository for All Your SQL

Organize your SQL catalog to the way your work.

  • Split up your catalog into separate folders by database connection, data grains, projects, or whatever makes the most sense to you.
  • Categorize each bit of code as a query, calculation, or relationship so you can easily identify what you need.
  • Put context and description around your SQL so you know where to best use it.
One Tool, Multiple Data Platforms
One Tool, Multiple Data Platforms

Coginiti integrates with every major database to deliver extraordinary efficiency.

  • Choose your database connection and then execute your SQL to analyze the data.
  • Use database specific objects such as external tables, stored procedures, share data, and more.
  • Leverage specific database code dialect and capabilities.
Coginiti Pro

Coginiti Pro

Get the SQL analysis tool that elevates your productivity.