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What is CoginitiScript?

CoginitiScript bridges the gap between traditional data analytics development and software engineering best practices to transform, clean, and aggregate data within your data platforms. Native to Coginiti’s shared data workspace, it enables teams to collaboratively build data products and store them in the integrated analytics catalog as versioned, documented, and governed analytic assets. Transform your data operations into a robust, efficient, and scalable process that empowers your entire data team.

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How CoginitiScript works

Empower your data workflows with the BDT (Build, Test, Deploy) framework:

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    Use simple markup to organize SQL or Python (coming soon) into reusable, modular blocks with advanced capabilities. Blocks of related functionality can be stored together as a package to be imported and referenced by other blocks. CoginitiScript handles all the orchestration and dependency management.

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    Test everything before deploying code to production. CoginitiScript provides a framework for schema tests, assertion tests, and unit tests, delivering an automated way to implement data quality monitoring and compliance.

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    Publish code safely. Built-in version control keeps a history and audit trail when CoginitiScript blocks and packages are published and updated. The analytics catalog workflow ensures work is only deployed after it has been reviewed and certified. Searchable metadata provides quick context for shared code reuse.

Transform Your Data Operations with CoginitiScript

Develop Faster

Create repeatable analytic processes at scale with modular code components. Unlock unparalleled code consistency with structured, reusable blocks, enabling efficient code reuse and edit-once-update-everywhere maintainability. This approach reduces development time, enables code reusability, and drives team productivity.

Improve Data Quality

Incorporate built-in data testing automation directly within your analytics code. CoginitiScript tests and flags data inconsistencies at the source, sparing you from downstream complications and boosting overall data reliability and compliance.

Automate & Observe

Design observability into your workflows with scheduling, logging, and alerts. Conditional statements, macros, and loops let you decide how to best handle errors. Together all this ensures data meets data contract SLAs.

Integrate with Your Stack

Integrate CoginitiScript with your data and analytics tech stack. Use the Coginiti API to execute CoginitiScript blocks and return JSON, CSV, and ArrowStream data from the data platform into your data and analytic tool of choice.

Bring the future of analytics development and code management to your enterprise today within Coginiti’s AI-enabled enterprise data workspace.

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