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Coginiti Celebrates Data Heroes

Join us in celebrating the Data Heroes who fearlessly navigate data complexities, leading the charge to deliver valuable insights and shape the future of business.

Zeina Meng: Mastering Seamless Data Collaboration

Meet Data Hero Zeina Meng, Manager of Data and Analytics at Change Healthcare. In an industry buzzing with complex processes and continual change, she champions the power of efficient, collaborative analytics. Zeina sees data analytics as a service—aimed at enabling transparent communication and better decision-making. She relies on Coginiti’s collaborative analytics catalog to document every critical change and keep the entire team in sync, making it an indispensable tool in her workflow.

Jason Baker: Champion for Data Professionals

Meet Data Hero Jason Baker, Senior Technical Program Manager at Booz Allen Hamilton. With data leadership insights spanning government and private sectors, he’s a champion for data professionals while acknowledging the common struggles in managing data talent. Jason emphasizes effective utilization, talent retention, and educating management about data techniques. His approach involves sustaining cloud-based models and advocating for data-driven decisions.

Barrie Pike: Uniting Business with IT

Meet Analytics Empowerment Executive Barrie Pike, a true Data Hero. Building bridges within the business, he transforms data into a powerful product. With expertise spanning diverse domains including sales and finance, Barrie recognizes the vital collaboration between business experts and data specialists. By fostering joint teams, he crafts data-driven solutions that operate seamlessly. Barrie’s philosophy is simple: when business and IT unite, data becomes the lifeblood of efficient, recession-proof operations.

Nada Basil: Streamlining Marketing Analytics with Code Reuse

Meet Nada Basil, Business Intelligence Manager at Kaleyra, another standout Data Hero. In an environment flush with millions of records to analyze daily, Nada found Coginiti to be the game-changer in code reusability and workflow efficiency. Now, instead of creating unique queries for various department requests, she empowers teams to run their own queries within Coginiti’s analytics catalog. This approach has simplified Kaleyra’s analytics pipeline, enabling them to focus more on insights and less on manual tasks.

Brian Weissler: Advocate for Efficiency, Consistency, and Quality

Meet Data Hero and technology executive Brian Weissler. As a champion of efficiency, quality, and analytic consistency within data teams, he’s a strong advocate of a shared query catalog. According to Brian, starting with a trusted query not only provides a tremendous productivity boost, it also enhances efficiency and maintains consistency in reporting output. The entire organization benefits from decisions based on the rock-solid insights only made possible through a trusted, reliable analytics methodology.

Barrie Pike: Quick Response with Data and Insights

Let’s hear again from Data Hero and Analytics Empowerment Executive Barrie Pike. Amidst the pandemic’s turbulent sales landscape, he turned data into a beacon of business insight and action. At the onset of COVID, Barrie strategically harnessed data to navigate fluctuating point-of-sale figures, offering vital support to struggling customers. In today’s dynamic environment, quick reactions fueled by accessible data are critical, and Barrie exemplifies this with his analytics prowess.

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