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Data and analytics services

Organizations don’t have analytic problems. They have business problems analytics can solve. Coginiti helps companies build and operationalize a data strategy that identifies the talent, technology, and processes needed to deliver business outcomes. Our approach will ensure your data and analytics are accessible, agile, and trusted across your organization.

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Our Approach Treats Data as a Product

Partner with our seasoned experts to:

  1. number 1

    Deliver business outcomes faster

  2. number 2

    Build an agile analytic platform

  3. number 3

    Enable collaboration, driving productivity

  4. number 4

    Democratize access to data

  5. number 5

    Establish data product ownership


Enterprise Data Strategy

Plan your organization’s data capabilities with a holistic enterprise data strategy incorporating Data Mesh and Data Fabric principles. Coginiti helps you draw the blueprint and build a roadmap leveraging modern data and cloud platforms, defining analytic development lifecycle processes, and building a culture focused on business outcomes.

  • Data as a Product
    Establish a product mindset to your datasets — treating them as assets —and ensuring your data is secure and trusted.
  • Distributed Intelligence
    Build a shared knowledge framework, enhancing collaboration and driving informed decision-making across enterprise domains.
  • Strategic Mapping
    Assess and transition current data practices to advanced, growth-focused strategies for aligned to the business strategy.


Data Platforms & Architecture

Cut through the data technology clutter and define the path towards a more effective, integrated data stack. With clear, strategic guidance, we’ll work together to align your data architecture with your business objectives.  This will enable a robust data product implementation and empower end-users with the tooling to drive your business goals forward.

  • Select Technology
    Navigate through the numerous data technologies, discerning the pros and cons to align with your business.
  • Agile and Trusted
    Technology needs to support agility, modularity, and trustworthiness to deliver data assets.
  • Empower Everyone
    Equip end-users with the tools, techniques, and access to produce impactful and reliable data analysis.


Data Development Lifecycle

Work with Coginiti to implement your data strategy and accelerate your data development lifecycle. Our process will establish a process to deliver reliable data products from development to production.  We will work with you to deploy technology and define data product ownership making it easy to find and use data products to drive business outcomes.

  • Implementation
    Deploy cutting-edge tools that actively engage and empower users, ensuring widespread adoption.
  • Ownership
    Define the right ownership structure and accountability to ensure data product quality and trustworthiness.
  • Process
    Activate clear, consistent processes from development to production to certify and curate data products.


Generative AI for Data Teams

Leverage generative AI to its fullest potential within your data organization. The right models, properly implemented, will multiply your data team’s productivity. Our expert guidance will give you confidence to effectively navigate the AI landscape and deliver the relevant, accurate, and ethical application of generative AI throughout your organization.

  • Security & Compliance
    Implement privacy safeguards, ethical guidelines, and compliance for responsible AI usage.
  • Model Integration
    Choose the appropriate AI models for your data workflows to increase efficiency and create additional value from your data.
  • Business Alignment
    Implement AI-driven workflows aligned with your business processes to ensure relevant and actionable output.

Let’s work together to build and execute a data strategy aligned with your business.

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