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Coginiti Update September 2021
Coginiti September 2021 Update (v21.9) Release Now Available

Coginiti 21.9 release features several helpful updates, including expanded EXPLAIN plan coverage for Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, quick role switching for Snowflake connections, and increased databased object visibility for Greenplum and Postgres. View release overview demo. Explain Plan for RedShift & Snowflake Explain plan is an indispensable tool for query performance tuning. Prepending your SQL query

The future of analytics is decentralized - Coginiti
The Future of Analytics is Decentralized

Centralized analytics moves too slowly to respond to an evolving set of business needs. There’s simply no way a centralized data engineering team can understand and build all the analytic capabilities every team in the business needs…nor can it be fast enough. Businesses can’t afford to wait weeks or months for the centralized engineering team

Coginiti Update August 2021
Coginiti July/August 2021 Update (v21.7) Release Now Available

Coginiti 21.7 includes several helpful updates, including broader platform coverage, improved error messages, and expanded database filtering and query editor insertion functionality. This release cycle also features several enhancements specific to Coginiti Premium, our platform for collaborative analytics. Database Filtering in Discovery Several months ago we released the ability to create saved filters for your database connections. 

Coginiti takes over for Aginity
Waving Goodbye to Aginity Workbench

When we first built Workbench for our own use, we had no idea that 10s of 1000s of users would come to rely on it for their daily tasks across a host of on-prem and cloud analytics platforms. We hear daily from users who have loved having access to such a robust (and free!) product