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Coginiti v22.4 is now available for download.  This release adds several updates, including version comparison within our Collaborative Catalog, a new framework for reusable code... Learn more
Customers using Coginiti for their SQL sharing saves 2x to 3x more time than those that don't. This means more time to focus on other tasks. Learn more
Learn about the 7 key principles of collaborative intelligence as defined during a Coginiti SQL analytics summit. Learn more
Coginiti is growing! Learn more about recent fundraising and our relocation from Silicone Valley to Atlanta. Learn more
Read the release notes about the name switch from Aginity to Coginiti. New name, same effective software. Learn more
Users of Coginiti reported considerably more time savings from SQL reuse than non-Coginiti users. Learn how to share SQL using Coginiti and start saving your time. Learn more
Read the Feb 2022 Coginiti Release notes on Expanded BigQuery Authentication and More. Learn more
Read the December 2021 Release with more information on Easier SQL Reuse, Snowflake Data Insert, and BigQuery Views. Learn more
Stop Re-Writing (and copying & pasting) Your SQL with more efficient sharing of your data on Coginiti Pro and Premium. Learn more