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Coginiti 23.3 Release: Enhanced Grid Usability, CoginitiScript Iteration, and Parquet File Support

Chris Crompton
March 21, 2023

Coginiti 23.3 is now available for download! From usability improvements in our results grid to new support for Parquet files, this release is packed with value-driven updates to help you generate consistent, high-quality insights in less time.

Results Grid Usability Improvements

Experience a more intuitive and natural user experience with our results grid updates:

  • Single click on a column header to select the column
  • Double click on a column header to insert the column name at the cursor position in the code editor
  • Hover over a column header to reveal the “pin column” function
  • Access sort and filter options in the 3-dot menu on the column header

CoginitiScript: Iterate Over Record Sets

Enhance your data processing capabilities with the ability to iterate over record sets in CoginitiScript. This powerful feature allows you to run a query and use the results to build a second dynamic query. See example usage below:

#+src sql paymentTypes(): recordset 
  SELECT 1 AS id, 'credit_card' AS name UNION ALL 
  SELECT 2, 'paypal' UNION ALL 
  SELECT 3, 'wire_transfer' 

  #+for t : iterator(paymentTypes()) separator "," do 
    {{ t["id"] }} AS {{ t["name"] }}_amount 

By iterating over record sets, data professionals can more efficiently handle complex scenarios, such as dynamically generating reports based on changing data or performing advanced data transformations. This added flexibility in CoginitiScript empowers users to extract valuable insights from their data faster and more accurately, ultimately driving better decision-making across the organization.

Open Parquet Files in Grid

Elevate your data analysis experience by opening Parquet files directly in our results grid. Parquet is a popular columnar storage file format, often used in the big data ecosystem for its ability to provide efficient data compression, encoding techniques, and query performance. By supporting Parquet files, Coginiti enables data engineers and analysts to work with larger and more complex datasets, such as those commonly found in Hadoop and Spark environments.

In addition to CSV files, users can now easily access, view, and analyze data stored in Parquet files without the need for external tools or converters. This streamlined approach not only saves time and effort but also reduces the risk of errors introduced during file conversions. With the ability to work directly with Parquet files in the results grid, data professionals can focus on extracting valuable insights and delivering impactful results.

Catalog Filtering Improvements

Several releases back we added the ability to perform a quick filter search across your catalog files. We’ve expanded catalog filtering capabilities to now surface matching catalog packages/folders in addition to individual file assets. Hovering over the filtered item will reveal the full path to the asset within your catalog tree.

Catalog quick search filter

Data Insert Row Count

Streamline your data insertion process with our improved wizard. After a successful data upload, receive a notification that includes the number of rows inserted, eliminating the need for manual verification.

Query Parameters for Scheduled Queries

Coginiti Premium and Enterprise users can now use query parameters within scheduling queries.  This makes your queries more extensible, leading to more efficient use of resources.

Scheduled query parameters

Here are a few examples of how query parameters can be used within scheduled queries:

  • Dynamic filtering: Create reports for common data segments, such as region or product category, without having to create separate queries for each segment.
  • Time-based analysis: By scheduling queries with different date or time range parameters, you can perform time-based analyses, such as daily, weekly, or monthly reports.
  • Personalized reporting: Query parameters can be used to generate personalized reports for different users or teams.

Additional Premium/Enterprise Enhancements

We’re continuously refining the experience for teams using Coginiti Premium and Enterprise. Here are a couple additional capabilities we’ve added in 23.3:

  • Connection colors: Assign specific colors to connections for easy differentiation between safe (testing, QA) and risky (production) environments.  This color will then be displayed above any query editor tabs using that connection.
    Query editor tab connection colors
  • Premium admins will now see visual cues for catalog folders belonging to disabled users

At Coginiti, we’re committed to empowering data engineers, analysts, and business teams to generate consistent, high-quality insights in less time. Not yet a Coginiti user? Download your trial of Coginiti Pro, or schedule your Coginiti Premium demo to see these powerful new capabilities for yourself!