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Coginiti 23.5 Release: Experience End-to-End Object Store Data Workflows, Enhanced Teamwork with @mentions

Chris Crompton
May 23, 2023

The latest version of Coginiti is now available for download! The Coginiti 23.5 release offers a comprehensive suite of Object Store data file operations, encompassing every step from file querying to publication. Additionally, it introduces increased collaboration capabilities with @mentions for Coginiti Premium and Enterprise users.

Publish to Object Storage

Our integration with three major Object Stores (Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage) has already delivered a significant productivity boost for our users.  We’re excited to enhance your Object Store experience even further in our latest release.  You can now use CoginitiScript to publish query output to a new CSV or Parquet file saved to a connected object store location. See example usage below:

#+src sql salesFact()
#+meta {
  :publication {
    :type "csv",
    :path "/path/to/file_name", -- mandatory
    :connection "Object Store Connection Name", --New
    :options { -- optional
      :delimiter ",",
      :null_value "",
      :quote_char "",
      :overwrite false,
      :header false,
      :encoding "UTF-8",
      :compression "NONE"
[Your SQL Code Here]

You can now direct data flows more effectively and efficiently, resulting in smoother operations.  This is especially true for Coginiti Premium and Enterprise users who can now use scheduling to automate object store publications to CSV or Parquet files on a recurring basis.

Editable File Path in Object Store File Browser

Our latest release also adds an object store file path address bar to display the path of any selected file, but can also be edited to quickly navigate to another file. This streamlined approach not only simplifies your data access and management processes but also facilitates the creation of external tables that from your object store files.  This makes it much easier to execute data pipeline workflows which may involve landing, transforming, and joining data from object store files from partners.


@mention in Comments

Our recently introduced in-context conversation threads have been a huge hit with our users, and we’re excited to take this collaboration tool to the next level. Starting now, Coginiti Premium and Enterprise users can @mention specific users within a comment, triggering a notification for other(s) to engage in the conversation.

This improvement will ensure more efficient collaboration, enabling you to get the right eyes on your code faster. So whether you’re looking for a code review, input, or just want to share insights, @mentioning is sure to be a significant enhancement to your workflow.

At Coginiti, we strive to empower data engineers, analysts, and business teams to generate consistent, high-quality insights in less time, simplifying your data workflows so you can spend more time extracting valuable insights from your data. If you aren’t a Coginiti user yet, download your Coginiti trial to experience these exciting new capabilities for yourself!