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Streamlining Data Operations and Analysis with Coginiti: An Object Store Integration

Chris Coad
June 19, 2023

Data professionals face the daunting task of efficiently managing and analyzing vast volumes of data stored across various platforms. Coginiti offers a comprehensive solution for working with data anywhere and specifically in object stores such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.  Let’s explore how data professionals harness the power of Coginiti to streamline their data operations, simplify object store integration, and unlock valuable insights.

Seamless Object Store Integration, No Compute Required

Coginiti acts as a bridge between data professionals and object stores, providing seamless integration and simplifying data operations. By leveraging Coginiti’s intuitive interface, data professionals can connect to their preferred object store providers. The platform provides a unified view of all connected object stores, allowing data professionals to easily browse, search, and access data assets directly from the stores.

There is also no need to provision or budget for cloud compute costs for users to manage their data in object stores when using Coginiti. Coginiti provides users with built-in compute powered by DuckDB to process and deliver results efficiently and quickly.

Data Analysis, Transformation and Collaboration

Coginiti empowers data professionals to leverage the power of object stores for large-scale data processing and analysis. Data professionals can easily build and execute complex data pipelines, ingest data from object stores into their analytical workflows, and combine data from object stores with other sources for comprehensive analysis. The platform also enables interactive data exploration, allowing users to perform ad-hoc queries and visualize data from object stores in near real-time, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Coginiti’s data transformation capabilities, including CoginitiScript, allow data professionals to perform and automate data cleansing, normalization, enrichment, and aggregation tasks.  Teams and users leverage CoginitiScript’s data quality and testing framework to ensure data is reliable for use. All transformation and testing logic can be saved and shared with colleagues for reuse in Coginiti’s collaborative platform.

By leveraging these capabilities, data professionals can ensure the data ingested from object stores is in the desired format, meet quality standards, and is ready for analysis and further processing in object stores or other connected data platforms such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Google BigQuery.

Data Governance and Security

Data professionals understand the importance of data governance and security, especially when working with sensitive information stored in object stores. Coginiti adheres to your enterprise’s security policies, role-based access controls, encryption mechanisms, and auditing capabilities.

Coginiti is the industry leading enterprise data and analytic brand that allows data professionals seeking to streamline their data operations while leveraging the full potential of object stores such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. By providing seamless integration, data ingestion and transformation capabilities, and efficient processing and analysis, Coginiti empowers data professionals to harness the value of data stored in object stores.

Stay up to date on the object store best practices and how Coginiti makes working with object stores easier!