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Coginiti May 2022 Update Announcement
Coginiti May 2022 Release: Version History Compare, Quick Stats for Query Results, and More

Coginiti v22.4 is now available for download.  This release adds several updates, including version comparison within our Collaborative Catalog, a new framework for reusable code blocks, and quick statistics on query result selections.  Watch the overview video and details below. Catalog Versioning & Version Compare Our previous release introduced Catalog Version History to automatically maintain

Wayne Eckerson talking about Coginiti
Customers describe 2x and 3x productivity using Coginiti

Over two days in Atlanta, April 13-14, analytics experts, data scientists, engineers, analysts and managers came together to explore the future of modern analytics with the Coginiti leadership team. Several consistent themes emerged from customers using the products, industry analysts intimate with the challenges data organizations struggle with, and the product managers who are guiding

Collaborative Analytics by Coginiti
The 7 Principles of Collaborative Intelligence

Last week we held the first ever summit on Collaborative Intelligence.  We coined the term to contrast with both centralized data warehousing and the free-for-all do-it-yourself model.  Neither approach has really satisfied our customers needs. We gathered last week in Atlanta to help define a middle way.  Coming out of the event we have settled

Collaborative Analytics by Coginiti
Coginiti raises $4M and relocates from Silicon Valley to Atlanta

ATLANTA – April 12, 2022 – Coginiti, the leading collaborative intelligence company, today announced it raised $4M in funding led by Circadian Ventures. The funds will be used to extend the company’s momentum with tools that enable analytics teams to discover, create and share insights. “The data analytics market is rapidly adopting collaboration strategies,” said

Coginiti Update February 2022
Feb 2022 Coginiti Release: Expanded BigQuery Authentication, Smart Stored Procedure Parser for Snowflake, and More

Our February 2022 update (22.2) includes expanded platform coverage for BigQuery and Postgres, more reliable execution of stored procedures and functions in Snowflake, an additional syntax option for specifying query parameters in your SQL code, and implements the latest version of Elasticsearch with the updated version of Log4j. Expanded Platform Support for BigQuery and Postgres

Collaborative Analytics
Stop Re-Writing (and copying and pasting) Your SQL

We hear it all the time: data engineers and analysts complaining about how hard it is to locate existing SQL assets, whether generated by themselves or by a teammate, for reuse in a new project. Inevitably, after combing through your hard drive and company network, or using email or internal chat tools to beg others