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Coginiti 23.4 Release: Open Object Store Files, SQL Query CSV/Parquet, Comment Threads, +More

Chris Crompton
April 18, 2023

Coginiti 23.4 is now available for download! Our latest release is packed with features that will supercharge your team’s efficiency and streamline your analytics workflow. From in-context comment threads to enhanced object store integration, watch the overview video and read on to discover the exciting updates we’ve introduced.

In-Context Comment Threads on Shared Code

The shared analytics workspace of Coginiti Premium and Enterprise is built for collaboration. Several months ago we introduced the ability for users to generate deep links to shared analytics code which can be sent to colleagues. Our latest release takes collaboration to the next level with in-context comment threads for such shared code assets stored within Coginiti’s catalog.

In-context sql comment threadUsers can now easily add, edit, reply, and resolve comments alongside their team members. To access this feature, simply open a catalog asset, then click the ‘Comment’ icon at the top of the code editor to expand the comment thread. You can tie a comment to a specific line or section of code by clicking the comment icon beside your selection.

While comment threads are only available Coginiti Premium and Enterprise Users, the remaining updates are available for users of any edition of Coginiti: Pro, Premium, or Enterprise.

Enhanced Capabilities in Object Store Integration

Users love the time-saving benefits and tool consolidation provided by our recently added Object Store integration. In this latest release, we’ve introduced two enhancements to make your data management even more efficient:

  1. Enjoy the convenience of filtering your object store connection to specific buckets, streamlining your data access.
  2. Easily open and view CSV or Parquet files within the Cogniti results grid, giving you direct access to your data without the need for additional tools.

Use SQL to Query CSV and Parquet Files

In addition to opening files, you can now use SQL to query data within CSV and Parquet files, whether they’re on your local computer or connected through an object store. Simply double-click the desired file from its source location to open it in the code editor / results grid view. Our editor will generate the base SELECT statement for you, making it easy to add additional conditions and manipulate the selection needed.

SQL query for CSV files

Results Grid Cell Editing for Enhanced Efficiency

Need to quickly update a value before exporting or saving the results to a table? You can now right-click on any cell value to make cell edits on the fly. Your underlying source data will remain untouched, while any edits you make will be reflected in results grid exports or when using the recently released “save to table” wizard.

Save to Table Enhancements

We’ve recently released ability to quickly save query results to a table using our new Save to Table wizard. In addition to saving edited cell values, you’ll now be able to edit column names along with data type, scale, and precision.

CoginitiScript Publish to External File

CoginitiScript publications now support new configuration options to execute query results directly to a file, with support for both CSV and Parquet files. Use shared and version-controlled export configurations ensure consistency within your analytic process. This new publication configuration will also accommodate scheduled data file exports, which are coming soon!

See the sample code below.

#+src sql
#+meta {
   :publication {
   :type "parquet"
   :path "/path/to/file_name",
   :options {
      :row_group_size 1024, -- optional, default is 134217728 bytes (128 MiB)
      :page_size 1024, -- optional, default is 1048576 bytes (1 MiB)
      :overwrite false,
      :compression 'NONE' -- snappy, gzip, none

[SQL Code Here]



#+src sql salesFact()
#+meta {
   :publication {
   :type "csv",
   :path "/path/to/file_name", -- mandatory
   :options {-- optional
      :delimiter ",",
      :null_value "",
      :quote_char "",
      :overwrite false,
      :header false,
      :encoding "UTF-8",
      :compression "NONE"

[SQL Code Here]


We’re committed to empowering data engineers, analysts, and business teams to generate consistent, high-quality insights in less time. Not yet a Coginiti user? Download your trial of Coginiti Pro or Premium today to see these powerful new capabilities for yourself!