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Coginiti continues to lead the way in enhancing data engineering and analysis workflows with its latest release. Our focus on collaboration, performance optimization, and seamless... Learn more
We’re thrilled to announce Coginiti 23.12, bringing even more advancements to your data engineering and analysis workflows. This release is packed with AI enhancements, CoginitiScript... Learn more
We’re excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.11 with significant enhancements designed to enrich your data engineering and analysis experience. This update includes new... Learn more
We're excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.10, offering smarter and more efficient ways to handle your data. This release introduces the Execution API for more versatile data workflows, broader Enterprise AI Assistant integration options, and innovations in CoginitiScript and Explain Plan Visualization. Learn more
We’re excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.9! With a blend of data engineering and AI capabilities, this update focuses on streamlining your SQL... Learn more
Welcome to Coginiti 23.8 which includes several new capabilities, such as support for Trino’s distributed SQL query engine, but the most obvious upgrade is to the Coginiti interface itself. Learn more
Coginiti 23.6 introduces intelligent AI capabilities, native support for Databricks, and robust new CoginitiScript testing capabilities that allow developers to write and execute tests within SQL code blocks. Learn more
Discover Coginiti's latest release (v23.5) with improved collaboration, Object Store user experience, and powerful CoginitiScript capabilities. Simplify data workflows and unlock valuable insights. Download the trial now! Learn more
Coginiti 23.4 is now available for download! From in-context comment threads to enhanced object store integration, our latest release is packed with features that will supercharge your team's efficiency and streamline your analytics workflow. Learn more