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Coginiti 22.11 Release: Redshift Serverless, Hive Zookeeper, Okta, and New Enterprise Admin Dashboard

Coginiti v22.11 is now available for download. This release adds extended database support for Redshift and Hive, along with new login and reporting capabilities for Coginiti Enterprise users. New Database Support With the latest release, Coginiti users can now connect to Amazon Redshift Serverless and Hive Zookeeper (dynamic server discovery) with deep database object support.

Coginiti 22.9 Release
Coginiti 22.9 Release: Extended Collaboration Support + New CoginitiScript Capabilities

Coginiti v22.9 is now available for download. This release adds several updates, including Collaborative Catalog notifications, quick-filtering on Catalog assets, and three major new CoginitiScript capabilities. Collaborative Catalog Notifications With the latest release, Coginiti Premium users will now receive a Notifications Panel update any time they’ve been granted access to a shared Catalog folder. This

Coginiti August 2022 update announcement
Coginiti August 2022 Release: New Yellowbrick Integration + More CoginitiScript Capabilities

Coginiti v22.7 is now available for download. This release adds several updates, including new integration with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse and additional CoginitiScript capabilities. New Platform Support: Yellowbrick Data Warehouse We’ve added native support for Yellowbrick, a modern enterprise data warehouse supporting both cloud and on-prem infrastructure. Connect to Yellowbrick with Coginiti for deep database object

Coginiti July 2022 update announcement
Coginiti July 2022 Release: Easier Generic JDBC Connections + Expanded CoginitiScript Capabilities

Coginiti v22.6 is now available for download. This release adds several updates, including an easier setup process for Generic JDBC connections and new CoginitiScript capabilities. Easier Generic JDBC Connection Setup Coginiti users enjoy deep native database object support for over a dozen platforms such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift. Last fall Coginiti users gained the

Coginiti script example
How Clear Box Retail Boosted Analyst Productivity 2X with Coginiti

How do you respond when your favored Brand A product is out of stock on the grocery store shelf?  If you’re like most, you’ll simply choose Brand B and carry on with your day.  The consumer walks away with a satisfactory product, the grocery store walks away with a sale, but Brand A has lost

Coginiti June 2022 Update Announcement
Coginiti June 2022 Release: Query Output Status, Notifications Filtering, BigQuery Partitioned Tables

Coginiti v22.5 is now available for download. This release adds several updates, including query output status improvements, notification filtering, and increased platform coverage for BigQuery. Results Output Status Tab Improvements The query results Output tab shows the progress and status of queries being executed. We’ve added several improvements to this tab to make it even

Coginiti May 2022 Update Announcement
Coginiti May 2022 Release: Version History Compare, Quick Stats for Query Results, and More

Coginiti v22.4 is now available for download.  This release adds several updates, including version comparison within our Collaborative Catalog, a new framework for reusable code blocks, and quick statistics on query result selections.  Watch the overview video and details below. Catalog Versioning & Version Compare Our previous release introduced Catalog Version History to automatically maintain