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Coginiti 23.12: AI Custom Instructions, CoginitiScript Time Functions, Snowflake Visual Explain Plan

Chris Crompton
December 26, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce Coginiti 23.12, bringing even more advancements to your data engineering and analysis workflows. This release is packed with AI enhancements, CoginitiScript updates, visual explain plan support for Snowflake, and more. Here’s what’s new:

AI Assistant: Set Custom Instructions for Tailored Responses

In Coginiti 23.12, the AI Assistant gets even smarter. You can now set custom instructions for the AI to follow, ensuring responses align perfectly with your specific needs. For example, you can instruct the AI Assistant to provide two code examples with each response, greatly enhancing the utility and precision of its assistance in your SQL query development and optimization efforts.

New AI Models: Anthropic Claude 2.1 and OpenAI ChatGPT 4 Turbo

Our commitment to providing support for cutting-edge AI models continues with new integration for Anthropic Claude 2.1 and OpenAI ChatGPT 4 Turbo. Claude 2.1 significantly expands the context window to 200,000 tokens (about 150,000 words), allowing for deeper and more comprehensive AI interactions. This means more complex, multi-faceted queries can be handled with ease, bringing unprecedented depth and breadth to your data analysis.

CoginitiScript Enhancements: Time Package and Length Function

CoginitiScript now includes a new Time package and a Length function. These additions provide more flexibility and efficiency in handling time-based data and measuring string lengths within your scripts. Whether it’s scheduling tasks, analyzing time-sensitive data, or manipulating string data, these updates make CoginitiScript an even more powerful tool in your analytics arsenal.

Here’s an example use case from our time package documentation which shows a CoginitiScript publication setting a dynamic table name based on the current date. This can be a useful approach to versioning your data.

#+import "std/time" 

#+src sql Foo()
#+meta {
:publication {
:type "table",
:name "published_table_" + time.Format(time.Now(), time.IsoBasicDate)
SELECT 1 AS id, 'John' AS first_name, 'Doe' AS last_name

Visual Explain Plan for Snowflake

Understanding the performance of SQL queries in Snowflake just got easier. Our Visual Explain Plan interface is designed to demystify query execution.  You can now visualize and optimize your Snowflake SQL queries. This tool is invaluable for identifying performance bottlenecks and improving the efficiency of your data processing.

Execution API: Arrow Stream Result Set Output

The Execution API now supports Arrow Stream result set output, offering a more efficient way to handle large datasets. This enhancement means faster and more streamlined data processing, enabling you to handle extensive data sets with increased performance and reduced latency.

Object Store File Browser: Enhanced Navigation

Navigating your object store files becomes more effortless with our updated file browser. A new context menu option allows you to quickly copy absolute and relative paths to objects, streamlining the process of referencing and accessing data. This update is particularly useful for those who regularly work with large data sets or need to share data paths with team members.

Dive into the latest version of Coginiti and discover how these new features can revolutionize your data engineering and analytics workflow. Not yet a Coginiti user? Download Coginiti 23.12 today and experience the future of data analysis.