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Coginiti 23.11: New AI Integrations, Query Tags, Trino Explain Plan, and More

Chris Crompton
November 27, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.11 with significant enhancements designed to enrich your data engineering and analysis experience. This update includes new AI integration functionality, the introduction of Query Tags in CoginitiScript, Explain Plan support for Trino, and more. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

AI Assistant Upgrades for Smoother Interactions

This release features several improvements to the AI Assistant designed to boost your productivity even more, especially when dealing with complex SQL queries or troubleshooting.

  • You can now edit your previous prompts, allowing for more dynamic AI Assistant conversations. This capability makes the AI Assistant more flexible to accommodate iterative prompts and context.
  • You can now regenerate AI responses, empowering users to quickly explore alternate insights to enrich the query optimization process.
  • We’ve enhanced AI response formatting for better readability and clarity. This is particularly helpful when requesting an organized response with many levels of detail, as is the case when using AI to explain a complex query.

Visual Explain Plan: AI-Generated Node Explanations

Understanding the intricacies of SQL execution plans is now more straightforward with our updated Visual Explain Plan. Users can access AI-generated explanations for individual nodes, demystifying complex query performance and optimization strategies. This makes it easier than ever to optimize your SQL queries and improve database performance.

Introducing Query Tags in CoginitiScript

CoginitiScript now supports Query Tags to add descriptive labels to your SQL queries, enhancing your ability to organize, track, and manage SQL queries. Query Tags allow you to annotate your SQL queries with key-value pairs, adding a layer of descriptive data. With Query Tags, you bring more structure and clarity to your data workflows.  Such tags are useful for a variety of business functions, such as meeting audit and compliance requirements or supporting cost allocation reporting.

Here’s a practical example showcasing Query Tags within a CoginitiScript block:

#+src sql Main() 
#+meta {
:query_tags {
:project "Segmentation Analysis",
:quarter_id 4,
:is_final true
[SQL query here]

CoginitiScript Query Tags can be used across database platforms. Whether you’re querying data in Redshift, Snowflake, or any other database, CoginitiScript automatically adjusts to store query tags metadata using the best available method for each platform. This means that your Query Tags are always integrated in the most efficient way possible, tailored to the unique strengths and features of whichever database you’re using. It’s like having a smart assistant who knows the best way to label and track your work, no matter which tool you’re using.

Refer to our Query Tags documentation for further details.

Explain Plan Support for Trino

With the introduction of Explain Plan support for Trino, users can delve deeper into their query performance, gaining valuable insights to fine-tune their SQL queries for enhanced efficiency and faster data processing in Trino’s distributed SQL query environment.

Drag & Drop Files into Object Store File Explorer

Managing files in an Object Store has never been easier. The latest update adds drag and drop functionality in the Object Store File Explorer, simplifying the process of uploading files and making data management more intuitive.

Coginiti Premium is Now Coginiti Team

We’re evolving our branding to better reflect our commitment to teamwork and collaboration. Coginiti Premium is now Coginiti Team, a change that signifies our focus on providing tools and features that enhance teamwork and facilitate shared data workflows.

The newly branded Coginiti Team emphasizes collaboration and efficiency with features like in-context comment threads on shared code, fostering teamwork through interactive code reviews and discussions. It enhances workflow management with email notifications for scheduled code blocks, keeping teams synchronized on project updates. Additionally, the execution API enables seamless integration with third-party tools for collaborative data exploration, while automated data quality tests ensure consistent accuracy and reliability of data, crucial for collaborative data projects.

We’re excited to see how these new capabilities enhance your data engineering and analysis experience. Not yet a Coginiti user? Download the latest version and transform the way you interact with data today!