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Coginiti 23.10: Integrate Your Data Stack with Execution API, Enterprise AI Models, and more

Chris Crompton
October 30, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of Coginiti 23.10, offering smarter and more efficient ways to handle your data. This release introduces the Execution API for more versatile data workflows, broader Enterprise AI Assistant integration options, and innovations in CoginitiScript and Explain Plan Visualization.

Coginiti Execution API: Your Gateway to Efficient Data Workflows

Our new Execution API provides an efficient way to access data sets defined in your shared analytics catalog. Just connect and retrieve — it’s that simple. This capability not only lets you explore and analyze your data with popular business tools like Power BI, Excel, and Jupyter Notebooks, but also opens the door to automated workflows. You can now use popular orchestration tools such as Dagster or Kestra to trigger CoginitiScript publications or run data quality tests, ensuring both data consistency and reliability.

Explore additional integration opportunities.

New Enterprise AI Assistant Integration Options

The Coginiti AI Assistant empowers data professionals of all skill levels to write, understand, and optimize SQL. With the launch of our new enterprise AI Assistant integration options, available for Coginiti Team and Enterprise users, you no longer have to worry about the external handling of your invaluable internal data.

We’re excited to offer straightforward integration with industry-leading, enterprise-secure AI models from Azure OpenAI and Amazon Bedrock. These platforms are renowned not just for their cutting-edge AI models but also for their steadfast commitment to data security.

Enterprise AI Integration

Coginiti administrators can easily set up and configure the appropriate enterprise AI integration within Global Preferences, which is then automatically rolled out to all users.

Incremental Publication with CoginitiScript

Our new Incremental Publication feature provides a more efficient approach to materializing your data with CoginitiScript. After setting the :incremental type property to ‘append’, you can employ built-in logic blocks to filter exactly which new rows should be added, making your data publishing more intelligent and less resource intensive.

See our support documentation for more details and sample code using incremental publications with CoginitiScript.

Need some help understanding nodes within the new Explain Plan Visualization? Now when you click on a node in the explain plan visualization, a sidebar will open up offering insights into the node’s purpose. This is perfect when you need a quick refresher (or introduction) into the finer details of what each node represents.

Explain Plan Visualization is currently available for Redshift, with additional platform support coming soon.

Explain plan node explanation


Your input drives our innovation, and we’re eager to see how these enhancements will help you drive better data insights. If you haven’t tried Coginiti yet, now’s the time to start your journey!