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Coginiti 24.1: Introducing Projects, Trino Visual Explain Plan, and Catalog API

Chris Crompton
February 6, 2024

Coginiti continues to lead the way in enhancing data engineering and analysis workflows with its latest release. Our focus on collaboration, performance optimization, and seamless integration offers significant advancements for Coginiti users. Let’s dive into what’s new:

Introducing Projects for Enhanced Collaboration

The introduction of Projects marks a significant leap forward in collaborative data engineering and analytics. Projects allow you to group related analytic assets, streamline data workflows, and foster a shared development environment. Within Coginiti Team & Enterprise, projects can be shared among team members, enabling collective work on a unified platform. By assigning access levels such as Viewer and Editor, you gain precise control over how each team member interacts with the project.  Benefits of project sharing include:

  • Simplified Asset Distribution: Projects simplify the process of distributing analytics assets across the catalog, making it easier for teams to manage and reuse code efficiently.
  • Enhanced Communication: By streamlining communication among team members, Projects accelerate code management and foster a dynamic, efficient collaboration environment.

Trino Visual Explain Plan

We are excited to announce the launch of the Visual Explain Plan for Trino, a powerful feature designed to demystify complex query performance and optimization strategies. This tool allows users to visualize and understand the intricacies of SQL query execution plans in Trino. With AI-generated explanations for individual nodes, users can now gain insights into query performance issues and optimization opportunities, enhancing the efficiency of data processing in Trino’s distributed SQL query environment.

Explore Trino Integration: Learn more about how Coginiti integrates with Trino and enhances query optimization.

Launching the Catalog API

To further streamline the integration of Coginiti with the enterprise data stack, we’re introducing the Catalog API. This new API provides endpoints for browsing a list of stored analytic assets or retrieving the code for any asset, including SQL and CoginitiScript. It’s designed to facilitate seamless integration with popular third-party tools, databases, and platforms, making it easier than ever to manage and access your analytics assets.

Key Features of the Catalog API:

  • Browse and Retrieve Assets: Easily locate and access your stored analytics assets, streamlining the integration with your data stack.
  • Execution API Integration: Use the Catalog API in conjunction with the Execution API to execute queries directly from your catalog, offering a more efficient way to process and analyze data.

These updates reinforce Coginiti’s commitment to empowering data teams with advanced tools and features that enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and deliver reliable data insights. Try these new capabilities for yourself and see how they can transform your data engineering and analytics workflows.