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Coginiti, a leading provider of innovative data management and analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce its comprehensive support for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Learn more
Coginiti 23.6 introduces intelligent AI capabilities, native support for Databricks, and robust new CoginitiScript testing capabilities that allow developers to write and execute tests within SQL code blocks. Learn more
Learn how to manage and analyze data in object stores without compute using Coginiti's data workspace tools. Learn more
Discover how to leverage the power of object stores, and why object stores like Amazon S3, Microsoft Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage are indispensable tools for data professionals managing and analyzing vast volumes of data. Learn more
Discover Coginiti's latest release (v23.5) with improved collaboration, Object Store user experience, and powerful CoginitiScript capabilities. Simplify data workflows and unlock valuable insights. Download the trial now! Learn more
Coginiti 23.4 is now available for download! From in-context comment threads to enhanced object store integration, our latest release is packed with features that will supercharge your team's efficiency and streamline your analytics workflow. Learn more
Learn how collaborative analytics tools can streamline data workflows, boost productivity and improve decision-making for data analysts. Learn more
Discover one data professional's common journey from spreadsheet limitations to the power of SQL. Learn how a SQL IDE addresses data analysis challenges & boosts efficiency. Learn more
Discover the powerful new features in Coginiti v23.3, including usability improvements in our results grid to new support for Parquet files. Download now! Learn more