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Automate and Integrate: Unlocking a Reliable & Efficient Data Strategy with Coginiti’s Execution API
On-Demand Training

Automate and Integrate:

Unlocking a Reliable, Efficient Data Strategy with the New Coginiti Execution API

Data drives decisions. The reliability of your data is foundational. When inconsistency undermines trust in your data, it’s time for a change.

Coginiti’s new Execution API doesn’t just connect your data—it has the power to unlock a more dynamic and effective data strategy for your enterprise.

During this on-demand training, Derek Streeter, our senior data integrations engineer demonstrates some high-impact solutions now possible for data analysis, reporting, transformation, orchestration, and testing.

Here’s a summary of what’s covered:

  • Data Fetching: The Execution API introduces a level of convenience that transforms the way you access data—faster, smarter, and in total compliance.
  • Tool Compatibility: Integrate with popular platforms like Power BI, Excel, and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Smart Orchestration: Automate SQL blocks for direct publishing to platforms or storage with popular orchestration tools like Dagster or Kestra.
  • Consistent Data Quality: Implement continuous data quality checks and maintain the high standard your enterprise demands.

Access now to see how Coginiti’s Execution API can empower your data team with a new level of efficiency to your data and analytics processes.

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