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Coginiti 24.4: Retrieval Augmented Generation, New Models, and API Enhancements

Matthew Mullins
April 15, 2024

We are excited to unveil the latest updates and enhancements in Coginiti Team and Enterprise with Release 24.4. This release brings significant advancements in AI capabilities, refined execution APIs, and robust integration features, specifically designed to elevate your data management and analysis workflows. Note that the next release for Coginiti Pro users is planned for early summer.

AI Enhancements

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for AI Assistant

We are proud to introduce Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to the Coginiti AI Assistant for Coginiti Team and Enterprise. This new feature leverages the synergy between search engine technology and advanced language models, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of responses provided by the AI Assistant. By integrating RAG, we can now utilize a more sophisticated context from our Analytics Catalog, transforming how insights are generated from your data. Dive into the technical details of this update in Implementation Retrieval Augmented Generation in Coginiti.

Anthropic Claude 3 Models: Sonnet and Opus

Incorporating the latest from Anthropic, the Claude 3 models—Sonnet and Opus—set a new standard in AI-driven analytics. These models are designed to handle complex tasks with unprecedented speed and accuracy, providing enhanced capabilities in multilingual communication, code generation, and advanced analytics.

Model Highlights:

  • Claude 3 Sonnet: Optimized for rapid response tasks, Sonnet achieves speeds twice as fast as its predecessors.
  • Claude 3 Opus: Combines the quickness of previous models with significantly greater intelligence, ideal for detailed analysis and reasoning.

Coginiti Execution API Updates

The latest enhancements to the Coginiti Execution API simplify the process of executing CoginitiScript blocks and managing multiple result sets, making it more efficient than ever to work with complex data scripts within your projects.

Execution of CoginitiScript Blocks The new /api/exec/block endpoint facilitates precise execution of named blocks from CoginitiScript, complete with custom parameters and connection settings tailored to your operational environment.

Key Features Include:

  • Named Block Execution: Execute specific blocks directly, such as the Sales block, within your CoginitiScript framework.
  • Dynamic Parameter Integration: Customize CoginitiScript blocks with specific arguments and date ranges for targeted data processing.
  • Configurable Connection Settings: Adjust database and schema settings on-the-fly to fit different execution contexts.

New Integrations

KeyCloak Single Sign-On with Amazon Redshift

Strengthening our commitment to secure data access, we now support KeyCloak single sign-on for Amazon Redshift databases. This integration ensures secure, streamlined access to critical data resources across your organization.

Dive into the latest version of Coginiti and discover how these new features can revolutionize your data engineering and analytics workflow. Not yet a Coginiti user? Download Coginiti today and experience the future of data analysis.