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Browse, search, and access data in Object Stores. No compute required.

Build and execute complex data pipelines, ingest data into analytical workflows, and unify your view of data across Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

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Effortless Data Management and Lightning-Fast Processing

Easy Data Storage and Management

Storing and organizing your data is easy. Enjoy the freedom to upload and download files. Create new folders and hierarchies to organize your data the way you work.

Transform and Analyze Data

Open, transform, and analyze parquet and CSV files in minutes. Perform and automate data cleansing, normalization, enrichment, and aggregation tasks.

Deliver Quality Data

Leverage CoginitiScript’s data quality and testing framework to ensure data meets SLAs and is reliable for use.

Boost Data Team Productivity

Make data work a team sport by saving, sharing, and collaborating on code developed to build data and analytic products in Coginiti’s secure and version-controlled catalog.

Lower Compute Costs

Coginiti’s built-in compute, powered by DuckDB, guarantees efficient processing and fast results for object store data and avoids the complexity of provisioning and configuring compute engines.

Secure Environment

Coginiti is deployed behind your firewall and complies with your enterprise’s security policies, encryption mechanisms, role-based access controls, and auditing capabilities.

How It Works

Here’s a step-by-step guide
  1. number 1

    Use your secure credentials to connect with your Object Store(s).

  2. number 2

    Browse files within specific buckets and containers.

  3. number 3

    Open and review CSV and Parquet files directly within the Coginiti results grid

  4. number 4

    Use SQL to query CSV and Parquet file data with advanced analysis tools.

  5. number 5

    Export or save data back to object storage or database.

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