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Collaborative Analytics by Coginiti
The 7 Principles of Collaborative Intelligence

Last week we held the first ever summit on Collaborative Intelligence.  We coined the term to contrast with both centralized data warehousing and the free-for-all do-it-yourself model.  Neither approach has really satisfied our customers needs. We gathered last week in Atlanta to help define a middle way.  Coming out of the event we have settled

Coginiti Update February 2022
Feb 2022 Coginiti Release: Expanded BigQuery Authentication, Smart Stored Procedure Parser for Snowflake, and More

Our February 2022 update (22.2) includes expanded platform coverage for BigQuery and Postgres, more reliable execution of stored procedures and functions in Snowflake, an additional syntax option for specifying query parameters in your SQL code, and implements the latest version of Elasticsearch with the updated version of Log4j. Expanded Platform Support for BigQuery and Postgres

Collaborative Analytics
Stop Re-Writing (and copying and pasting) Your SQL

We hear it all the time: data engineers and analysts complaining about how hard it is to locate existing SQL assets, whether generated by themselves or by a teammate, for reuse in a new project. Inevitably, after combing through your hard drive and company network, or using email or internal chat tools to beg others

Coginiti Update November 2021
Coginiti November 2021 Update (v21.11) Release

Our November 2021 update features several new capabilities, including a new direct connection to BigQuery, new support for generic JDBC connections, increased platform coverage for Amazon Redshift and Postgres, and new file export configuration options. BigQuery We’re happy to announce the first phase of Coginiti’s direct support for BigQuery connections. Our users will now be able

Why Git fails for analytics teams - Coginiti resource
Why Git Fails for Analytics Teams

As strong advocates for analytic code sharing and reuse, we’re often asked why we don’t integrate with GitHub or other Git repositories. The simple answer is that Git isn’t often a great fit for sharing SQL code. This post explains why, and suggests a better alternative. It’s tedious to rewrite the same SQL over again.

Coginiti Update October 2021
Coginiti October 2021 Update (v21.10) Release Now Available

Our October 2021 release features several updates, including a new data upload interface, results grid view toggle, instant data explore from the database object tree, a full rollout of easy-to-read explain plan output, and a scheduling shortcut within the Coginiti Premium catalog. View Release Overview Demo. Enhanced Data Upload Interface Data upload is one of Coginiti

Coginiti Update September 2021
Coginiti September 2021 Update (v21.9) Release Now Available

Coginiti 21.9 release features several helpful updates, including expanded EXPLAIN plan coverage for Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, quick role switching for Snowflake connections, and increased databased object visibility for Greenplum and Postgres. View release overview demo. Explain Plan for RedShift & Snowflake Explain plan is an indispensable tool for query performance tuning. Prepending your SQL query