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Feb 2022 Coginiti Release: Expanded BigQuery Authentication, Smart Stored Procedure Parser for Snowflake, and More

Chris Crompton
February 7, 2022

Our February 2022 update (22.2) includes expanded platform coverage for BigQuery and Postgres, more reliable execution of stored procedures and functions in Snowflake, an additional syntax option for specifying query parameters in your SQL code, and implements the latest version of Elasticsearch with the updated version of Log4j.

Expanded Platform Support for BigQuery and Postgres

We introduced native support for BigQuery last fall. Our December release expanded BigQuery database object support to include Materialized Views.  Our latest release now provides database object visibility for user-defined functions (UDF) and Stored Procedures.  We’ve also added a new option to connect to BigQuery through user account authentication.  This will be appreciated by users who aren’t able to connect using service account authentication.

We’ve also expanded our Postgres database object coverage: you’ll now be able to see Triggers within your Postgres database connections.

Stored Procedure / Function Parser for Snowflake

It can sometimes be tricky to execute a Stored Procedure from a code editor expecting traditional SQL query syntax. Going forward, our software will automatically identify when a Stored Procedure is being executed and parse it accordingly. This new capability is now available for Snowflake connections, with similar support for other database platforms to follow in future releases.

Additional Parameter Syntax Option

Our standard ‘$’ syntax for specifying parameters in your query can interfere with native objects on certain platforms. To get around this, you’ll now be able to choose between ‘$’ and ‘$$’ as your desired parameter syntax in the settings menu right above the query editor window. You can also set your desired default parameter syntax option within Coginiti’s global application preferences.

Log4j Issue Mitigation
Because of the way that Elasticsearch is implemented in our product, the Log4j issue didn’t affect Coginiti Pro and Premium software. Even so, as promised in response to CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105 we have updated to use the latest version of Elasticsearch which contains the updated version of Log4j.

Bug Fixes and Application Performance Improvements
This release also includes over a dozen bug fixes and application performance improvements, including:

  • Hive loading – If the table cannot be read, fail that particular table, not the entire database
  • Azure Synapse SQL – Internal error on table opening OpenFolders and OpenFiles failed for Network Path in Windows
  • Coginiti pro causing high CPU usage / crashing

Upcoming Releases
2022 will be an amazing year for Coginiti users!  We’re deep into development on some exciting new capabilities to boost your productivity even more. Download your trial of the latest version of Coginiti Pro to stay in the loop and experience SQL development efficiency gains for yourself.

Until next time… Query on!