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Analyze data from the data warehouse built for the cloud with Coginiti’s unique SQL IDE and tools.

The serverless, scalable cloud data warehouse

BigQuery is Google’s fully-managed enterprise data warehouse. Query your data with SQL while enjoying serverless architecture with zero infrastructure management. BigQuery’s separation of compute from storage means you can store your data anywhere.

  • Federated queries to read data from external sources
  • Automatically scale your compute power to the load of users and queries
  • Access powerful tools such as BigQuery ML and BI Engine
Reuse Your SQL

Save your work in an active analytics catalog so you can easily reuse your SQL rather than re-write it

Find Your Work

Easily find your previous SQL assets from your query history and analytics catalog

Feature Engineering

Develop features once for re-use across your machine learning models

Collaborate with Your Team

Share your SQL work with your teammates securely

Deep Database Support with Coginiti

BigQuery Data Professionals Love Using Coginiti

Though Google’s Cloud Console is perfectly adequate for occasional ad hoc queries of your BigQuery data, for data engineers and analysts who live in their SQL workspace, Cloud Console just doesn’t cut it. Data professionals instead demand a fast, responsive, clutter-free environment with advanced capabilities.

  • Database Object Explorer
    Quickly expand and view objects such as tables, views, and columns directly in the db object tree.
  • DDL + Data Review Scripts
    Review your data with quick access to DDL and other common database scripts.
  • Advanced Collaboration & Analysis
    Discover and reuse analytic assets from across your organization with Coginiti Premium.
I’m excited that Coginiti Pro allows us to add descriptions and tags to the code. We have 1K + Code snippets we need to understand what each of them are for.
SQL Analysts

Use your SQL in a whole new way

  • Save queries, relationships, and snippets once for reuse in SQL statements.
  • Find previous work in query history or your catalog.
  • Describe code with rich titles and descriptions help you remember why you wrote it in the first place.
The personal catalog with titles and descriptions is great because it helps to not lose track of why I wrote the query.
Data Engineers

Maintain your data warehouse

  • Create data models and schemas
  • Find previous work in query history or your catalog.
  • Describe code with rich titles and descriptions help you remember why you wrote it in the first place.
Coginiti is the easiest way to explore and analyze data versus doing it in other data science software
Business Analysts

Produce consistent reports quickly

  • Spend less time rewriting SQL and more time reusing it
  • Define, document, and save common analytics in your personal catalog
  • Efficiently re-run analysis and reports with consistent results
It’s great that I’m able to write queries against multiple data platforms without having to open a new tool.
Data Scientists

Spend less time data wrangling

  • Develop reusable features to train machine learning models
  • Create flexible commonly used data cleansing SQ
  • Use your SQL as objects to make complicated queries more simple
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Reuse Your Work. Empower Your Team.

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“Coginiti Premium creates an environment that fosters technical team work with huge time savings features. They took the best parts of BI, database tools, spreadsheets and file sharing and combined it into one. I would recommend Coginiti Premium to any team who is looking to bring their daily work flow to the next level.”

Kirk Weishaar, M.S.
Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence