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Easier SQL Reuse, Snowflake Data Insert, and BigQuery Views in December 2021 Coginiti Release

Chris Crompton
December 9, 2021

Our December 2021 update (21.12) includes new data insert for Snowflake, external file support within Coginiti Premium, an easier way to save new catalog assets for reuse, and expanded platform coverage for BigQuery and Postgres. View the Release Overview Demo

Data Insert for Snowflake

Our Data Insert Wizard allows you to upload Excel or CSV files to your data warehouse without the need for S3 / Blob storage intermediary.  New in Coginiti 21.12, Snowflake is now among the platforms supported for this streamlined process.  Coginiti also supports bulk data load for Snowflake and Redshift.

Learn more about Coginiti’s data upload capabilities and additional supported platforms.

Save Tab into the Catalog

Coginiti’s Catalog functions as an analytics repository to store curated SQL scripts and other analytics code for reuse.  Catalog assets can be referenced as objects within other scripts to increase analytic consistency.  Coginiti Premium extends catalog functionality further with role-based governance and shared and/or scheduling of catalog assets.

You can right-click on any code selection within the query editor to save it to your catalog, but we wanted to provide another option to support additional workflows.  Starting in this release, right-clicking on a tab in Coginiti’s query editor will present you with a new option to save the tab’s content to your catalog.  Try it out!

Platform Coverage

As you know, we’re always working hard to expand database object support, autocomplete, and DDL coverage within our supported database platforms. Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • BigQuery – Materialized Views
  • Postgres – Exclude Constraints
  • New drivers for Snowflake, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, SQL Server, Hive, DB2

Coginiti Premium

The following capabilities are available in the latest release of Coginiti Premium:

  • Files – users will now be able to work with their desktop files in our server deployed Premium
  • Log distinction – administrators will be able to better distinguish between application and infrastructure logs.

As always, this release also includes a number of bug fixes and application performance improvements.

Until next time… Query on!