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Coginiti November 2021 Update (v21.11) Release

Chris Crompton
November 4, 2021

Our November 2021 update features several new capabilities, including a new direct connection to BigQuery, new support for generic JDBC connections, increased platform coverage for Amazon Redshift and Postgres, and new file export configuration options.

We’re happy to announce the first phase of Coginiti’s direct support for BigQuery connections. Our users will now be able to connect to Google’s serverless, scalable cloud data warehouse and query core database objects, use scripts and DDL. We’re starting with ‘Service Account’ authentication, with support for additional authentication methods to come.

Generic JDBC Support
Coginiti currently provides deep support for a substantial number of major database platforms (and growing, see above), but there’s so many more out there!  Starting in Coginiti 21.11, you’ll be able to connect to any database which offers a JDBC driver.  Use our new Generic JDBC capability to connect to Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Teradata, Databricks, and almost any other platform you can think of!  Just import the appropriate driver and specify the class name to connect and query.  Need guidance? Check out our documentation.

Platform Coverage
We’re always working hard to expand object, autocomplete, and DDL coverage for our supported platforms. Here’s what’s new in Coginiti 21.11:

  • Amazon Redshift – Updated driver (2.0)
  • Postgres – Indexes

Export Configuration
Sometimes default CSV export settings don’t cut it — especially when your data and/or process requires a different delimiter.  We want to make your job easier, which is why we’ve added a new Export configurator which lets you specify your header preferences, data delimiter, and quote character to use when exporting results.  Keep in mind that Coginiti Premium also supports Excel export.

Over 15+ bug fixes and application performance improvements.

  • Discovery doesn’t work with special characters
  • “Row Limit Setting” warning is displayed even if total result count is equal to the row limit setting
  • Data upload error if user doesn’t have permissions to S3 bucket

Until next time…. Query on!