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Deliver Higher-Quality Analytics Faster

Meet Coginiti, the AI-enabled enterprise data workspace that integrates modular development, version control, and data quality testing throughout the analytic development lifecycle.

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What is Coginiti

Coginiti is a comprehensive data and analytic workspace for data professionals, integrating all the functionality you need to improve analytic consistency, increase productivity, and expedite the delivery of valuable insights.

Discover Your Data

Empower everyone to generate value with data

Find and analyze the data you need across today’s leading data platforms with deep database object support that adheres to your company’s data security policies

Modular Analytic Development

Increase productivity and accelerate analytic development

Implement proven software development best practices to enhance analytical workflows. CoginitiScript enables modular analytic development to break down complex projects into manageable and reusable components.

Collaborative Versioned Teamwork

Foster collaboration and accountability across your data teams

Bring your business stakeholders, data professionals, and subject matter experts together in a collaborative environment that maintains context and transparency with conversation threads and built-in version control.

Data Quality Framework

Deliver reliable data with confidence and certainty

Build confidence in your data-driven decisions by developing a robust data quality test framework to validate data and analytical models, ensuring reliability and reducing potential errors.

Coginiti AI, your virtual analytics advisor

Use generative AI to boost your team’s efficiency.

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“The efficiency we get from Coginiti is mind-blowing.”

Zeina Meng, MBA, M.S.
Manager of Data Analytics
Frame 134

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