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The Future of Intelligence is Collaborative

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Collaborative Intelligence for All

Collaborative intelligence defines a set of practices and applications that unleash your analytics teams’ ability to discover, create and share insights.


Everyone can now explore data wherever it resides, iterate freely around business questions, and effortlessly share their most productive analysis for reuse. This collaborative workflow generates higher quality insights faster.

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The World's Leading Collaborative Intelligence Solution


Access Any Data

Coginiti provides a powerful set of tools to access and integrate your data in any SQL database.


Build Sophisticated Analytics

Coginiti’s focused interface lets you quickly and easily build the analytics you need.


Reuse and Share your Work

Coginiti’s Catalog syncs assets between data engineers and analysts to increase team efficiency by up to 4x.

“Coginiti Premium creates an environment that fosters technical team work with huge time savings features. They took the best parts of BI, database tools, spreadsheets and file sharing and combined it into one. I would recommend Coginiti Premium to any team who is looking to bring their daily work flow to the next level.”

Kirk Weishaar, M.S. 2
Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence
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