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Streamlining Data Operations at a Leading Insurance Company with Coginiti
Case Study

Streamlining Data Operations at a Leading Insurance Company with Coginiti

Reduce Data Software Costs and Improve Productivity


Company Background

A prominent healthcare insurance company faced significant challenges in managing its data operations effectively.

Challenge: Disparate Tools, Challenging Data Workflows 

The company utilized a mix of tools: a data catalog, a statistical software suite, and a data wrangling tool. These disparate systems led to fragmented workflows, redundancies, inefficiencies, and data governance risks.   

With data becoming increasingly critical to driving business decisions, the company recognized the need to modernize its data operations and provide its data professionals with a unified platform that could streamline processes, foster collaboration, and enable more agile and insightful data-driven decision-making. 

Solution: Coginiti’s Collaborative Data Operations Platform 

After evaluating several options, the company selected Coginiti’s collaborative data operations platform to consolidate its data operations. Coginiti offered a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrated cataloging, data preparation, data analysis, collaboration, and automation capabilities into a single, user-friendly platform. 

The migration process involved the following key steps: 

  1. Data Tool Inventory and Assessment: The company worked closely with their data professionals to conduct a thorough inventory of existing data assets, tools, and processes. This assessment helped identify redundancies, gaps, and areas for optimization. 
  2. Analytic Migration and Integration: Coginiti built a plan to ingest code and logic from legacy catalogs and tools to ensure a smooth transition of historical metadata and analytic assets. 
  3. User Onboarding and Training: Coginiti provided training and support to the data professionals, ensuring effective adoption of the new platform. 

Results: Streamlined Data Operations and Increased Efficiency

 By consolidating its data operations on Coginiti’s platform, the company achieved significant benefits: 

  1. Unified Data Ecosystem: Data professionals now have access to a single, centralized platform for data preparation, analysis, and collaboration, eliminating the need for a data catalog, a statistical software suite, and a data wrangling tool, reducing software costs by millions of dollars each year. 
  2. Increased Productivity: By consolidating tools and automating workflows, the company saw a significant reduction in the time required for data preparation and analysis. This efficiency enabled faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to market changes. 
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Coginiti’s collaborative features enabled data professionals to work together in real-time. Shared workspaces, version control, and collaborative editing ensured that team members could easily access and contribute to projects, reducing duplication of effort and improving the quality of insights. 
  4. Better Data Quality: Automated data wrangling and consistent analytics processes improved the accuracy and reliability of data insights. This enhancement was critical for making informed business decisions and maintaining a competitive edge. 
  5. Improved Data Governance: Coginiti’s capabilities to adopt to internal data governance policies ensure data quality, consistency, and compliance across the enterprise. 
  6. Scalability and Agility: As the company’s data operations continue to grow, Coginiti’s platform provides the scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, ensuring long-term sustainability and competitiveness. 


Coginiti played a pivotal role in transforming the data operations of the insurance company. By migrating to Coginiti’s collaborative data operations platform, the healthcare insurance company successfully consolidated its data operations, streamlined workflows, and empowered its data professionals with a unified and scalable solution. This transformation has enabled the company to leverage its data assets more effectively, driving better-informed decision-making, increasing operational efficiency, and ultimately enhancing its competitive edge in the insurance industry.

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