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Introducing An Upgraded Experience for Data Professionals

Elevate Your Productivity with Eye-Catching Dark Mode, Refined Design Elements, Streamlined Workflows, and Enhanced Visual Accessibility
Stunning New Theme Option

Eye-Catching Dark Mode

We’re thrilled to announce this highly-requested feature will soon be available to elevate your analytics experience. Say goodbye to blue light emissions and hello to a sleek and stylish new look for your analytics workspace.

Focused Work Environment

Experience a visually appealing and modern interface that not only looks great but also promotes a more focused, efficient, and productive work environment for your data tasks.

Reduced Eye Strain

Our new dark mode lowers blue light emissions, minimizing visual fatigue and discomfort during extended usage, boosting productivity and well-being while working with data.

Enhanced Readability

Enjoy improved text and data visualization clarity in dark mode, making it easier to analyze and interpret information, boosting efficiency and accuracy in your work.


Refined Design & Notifications

We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented design updates to enhance your experience. Discover a more cohesive interface, optimized colors and contrast, and an improved layout for better navigation, productivity, and communication.

Streamlined Navigation

Our revamped left and right sidebars boast new icons, better spacing, and a user-friendly layout, making it easier for both new and experienced users to navigate and access Coginiti’s powerful features.

Clearer Messaging

We’ve improved the clarity of all labels, alerts, notifications, and error messages to ensure a seamless user experience. Our refined font meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for visually impaired users to read.

Accessible Content

All images are now compatible with assistive technologies, and we’ve optimized colors and contrast for enhanced readability. These improvements enable all users to enjoy an inclusive experience within Coginiti.

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“Coginiti Team and code sharing just make life easier, because you write one script and share it with the rest of your team.


We use it with Snowflake. It’s so easy to access the data. You can see all the history for your queries…with catalogs, it makes it very easy to reuse the code, then share it with my team or with teams across different departments.”

Nada Bassil
Business Intelligence Manager, North America
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