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On-Demand Webinar

Data Workflow Essentials:

How to Efficiently Ingest, Transform, and Integrate Data from External Files

With the boundary between data engineer and analyst fading, business users are increasingly empowered to envision, create, and execute key data pipelines. This on-demand webinar uncovers the story of data hero, Karolina Nawrocka, Product Manager at Clear Box Retail.

Join Karolina and Derek Streeter of Coginiti as they dive into the mechanics of her streamlined data ingestion pipeline. You’ll see how to transform diverse external data into strategic insights. Explore:

  • The Rationale: Why data professionals are choosing object storage as an essential data staging area.
  • In-Depth Process Insights: How to efficiently ingest object store data from external sources using a seamless process for data validation and dynamic integration.
  • Technical Mastery: Dive deep into the technical nitty-gritty, understanding how shared SQL libraries can be used to reliably tackle complex data processing.

Access now to see firsthand how to create, execute, and optimize this core data workflow.

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