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Empowering Transparency for Consumer Credit Card Marketing Campaigns at a Large Bank with Coginiti
Case Study

Empowering Transparency for Consumer Credit Card Marketing Campaigns at a Large Bank with Coginiti


Company Background

A large U.S. banking institution wanted to streamline how they used customer data to build targeted personalized credit card marketing campaigns. The bank previously relied on several third-party partners to deliver pre-built analytics to their consumer credit card team. To save money, they wanted to start building and managing the creation of the analytics themselves. However, there were risks involved with doing this work. The team needed to ensure their work complied with regulatory requirements and fair lending practices for each campaign they launched.

Challenge: Reliance on 3rd-parties; No Data Infrastructure

The bank’s consumer credit card team did not have an existing data infrastructure to support bringing the work in-house. To gain a comprehensive view of customer behavior, preferences, and creditworthiness, the team continues to rely on third-party data files which needed to be integrated with internal bank data. Furthermore, the lack of a centralized data operating platform raised concerns about how to build, track changes, and audit campaigns, which is critical for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Solution: Implement a Data Operations Platform

To address these challenges, the team embarked on the development of a robust data operations platform. The platform is designed to ingest, integrate, and process data from multiple data sources, including internal systems, third-party providers, and publicly available data. The team chose Snowflake as their primary data platform, though they still needed a solution to transform, build, version, track, and audit customer segments and campaign rules.

The bank chose Coginiti Team as their data operations platform because it met the bank’s requirements to:

  • Ingest and Transform Data: Seamlessly cleanse, enrich, and transform raw data in AWS S3 buckets and ingest it into Snowflake.
  • Build and Maintain Data Products: Plan, build, and manage customer segments encompassing documentation, segmentation rules, transformation code definitions, and data quality tests.
  • Version and Approve Campaigns: Track changes to customer segments, business rules, and campaigns. Support a staged campaign approval/code review process that ended with final approval from campaign owners prior to launch.
  • Audit and Monitor: Audit and monitor campaigns, enabling the bank to track lineage, monitor data quality, and maintain auditability for fair lending practices.
  • Provide a Unified Point of Entry: Make it easy to discover reusable analytic assets from deployment to full certification
  • Schedule, Automate, and Integrate: Automate, refresh, and connect certified customer segments to marketing automation tools for campaign execution.
  • Create Reports: Provide analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering the team to analyze campaign performance and produce reports for regulatory compliance.


The implementation of Coginiti’s data operations platform drives significant benefits:

  • Lowered Costs: Creating and managing the integration of data and building customer analytics instead of purchasing them from a third party has led to lower overall costs and more transparency in how customer segments are being created and used.
  • Improved Customer Insights: By integrating data from multiple sources, the bank gains a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and creditworthiness, enabling the creation of highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Coginiti’s centralized platform streamlines data management processes, reduces redundancies, and improves overall operational efficiency.
  • Accelerated Employee Training: The unified platform’s catalog protects against loss of tribal knowledge when employee turnover occurs and accelerates onboarding new team members.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Auditability: The platform’s versioning and auditing capabilities help ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and maintain auditability for fair lending practices, mitigating regulatory risks.


The bank’s success in building a data operations platform highlights the importance of effective data management and integration in today’s data-driven business environment. By addressing the challenges of data fragmentation, governance, and auditability, the company can now create personalized and compliant customer marketing campaigns.

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