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Case Study

How Clear Box Retail Built a Data Infrastructure to Increase Revenue for CPG Manufacturers

2X Boost in Analyst Productivity using Coginiti Premium

It will come as no surprise that at any given time, 8% of “stocked” retail products are nevertheless unavailable for purchase.  Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers have the most to lose in these common situations.

Staying on top of product availability can make all the difference.  The battle is ultimately won or lost based on timely analysis of in-stock and purchase data from thousands of retail locations. This demands a specialized data infrastructure to ingest, cleanse, and efficiently query a dynamically fluctuating dataset.

Clear Box Retail understands the assignment. They’ve made it their mission to maximize on-shelf-availability and grow sales for CPG manufacturers.  They confidently chose Coginiti Premium as the hub for their ClearView data infrastructure.

Key Results

This case study uncovers the competitive advantage Clear Box Retail has been able to create for CPG manufacturers by utilizing Coginiti’s unique capabilities to:

  • Create analytic consistency with modularized, versioned SQL code blocks
  • Elevate data team morale by naturally inspiring everyone to deliver their highest-quality code
  • Roll out intuitive, time-saving workflows for code discovery, sharing, and reuse

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