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Blue Sky Speciality Pharmacy Operations Driven by Data Products
Case Study

Pharmacy Operations Driven by Data Products

Invitation to Transformation

Simplifying Industry Complexities

Creating a foundation to build data products is critical to the success of pharmaceutical companies. Leveraging data from several sources while adhering to regulations, confidentiality agreements, and security concerns make it a complex challenge to tackle. Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy develops portals for patients, physicians, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, all of which need to ensure the right data is in the right place for the right use case. With Coginiti’s help, they implemented Coginiti Team and transformed their organization to deliver on-time trusted data products.  

Testable, Usable, Lovable 

Mantra for Success

Michael Ross, Senior VP of Technology, introduced a guiding mantra to lead Blue Sky for their transformation efforts: testable, usable, lovable. This philosophy underscores the importance of iterative development to deliver value to the company – all driven by process, people, and technology. 

Prioritizing Value 

Establishing a Data Product Council

The request for data and analytics is never-ending – a new use case always appears. Blue Sky knew it needed a way to align priorities to drive the most valuable projects forward. To do so, they established a Data Product Council.  The council serves as a steering committee to identify which requests best aligned to strategic operational initiatives, helping Blue Sky’s small data team focus on the biggest opportunities. 

Bridging the Gap

The Role of Data Product Owners

With a data product council in place, Blue Sky introduced Product Owners to the organization to ensure alignment between the technical team and end-user requirements. Blue Sky found success in hiring product owners with experience from healthcare and/or SaaS backgrounds, who translate user requirements into actionable tasks. 

Enabling Iteration

Implementing a Data Product Platform

Coginiti and Blue Sky then partnered together to enable this new organizational structure to deliver trusted data products with Coginiti Team as the centerpiece. They started training product owners how to document product requirements in Coginiti, developers on how to connect to Blue Sky data sources and start prototyping, and end users to provide feedback in Coginiti’s version-enabled collaborative environment. With Coginiti integrated into their workflow, Blue Sky empowered their small team of developers, salespeople, and executives to create, manage, and distribute data products more efficiently. 

Data Product Love, Delivered. 

  • 50+ Data Products Developed: to deliver value to Blue Sky’s customer portals, operational applications, and internal/external reporting  
  • Productivity Improvements: by establishing a prioritization process, organizing as product teams, and enabling iteration with Coginiti technology, Blue Sky has streamlined the data product development process and delivered high-quality data products. 
  • Strategic DecisionMaking: focused on creating testable, usable, and lovable data products, has accelerated the decision-making process, resulting in operational efficiencies, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.  

Transforming pharmacies 

Blue Sky is transforming the pharmacy industry with a strategic approach to data product development. Organizationally structured to accelerate innovation powered by Coginiti technology, Blue Sky is equipped to set a new standard for the pharmacy industry.

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