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Marketing Content Writer


Coginiti helps teams deliver consistent analytic results more efficiently to their customers. Analytic teams spend around 80% of their time on preparing and managing data and analytics for analysis. Most of this time is spent finding, recoding or copy and pasting analytic logic they previously used. Coginiti provides a unique coding experience that empowers data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to find, manage, govern, share and re-use rather than recode it. Thousands of companies leverage Coginiti products to deliver consistent results faster by understanding the intent and context of code and easily re-use for future work. Customers receive actionable consistent analytic results faster to drive business value.

We are a small naturally curious team that loves working together. We are building a company and products that proves the value of analytics and analytic management. Hypothesizing, testing, and measuring results drives everything we do. We are dedicated to our customers, and partner with them to ensure their success because we know their success is central to our success.


As a Technical Marketing Content Writer, you will play a crucial role in crafting persuasive and informative content that targets our audience of tech-savvy professionals and decision-makers in data and analytics. You will be responsible for developing a wide range of content types, including blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, technical guides, email campaigns, website copy, social media posts, and more. The ideal candidate is a skilled writer with a deep understanding of technology and marketing principles, capable of translating complex technical concepts into clear, accessible, and customer-focused language.


  • Content Creation: Develop high-quality and well-researched content that aligns with our marketing strategy, brand voice, and target audience. This includes producing blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, technical guides, and other marketing materials.
  • Technical Expertise: Collaborate closely with the product development and technical teams to understand our solutions thoroughly, ensuring accuracy and technical correctness in the content produced.
  • Audience Understanding: Conduct market research to identify and understand the pain points, needs, and preferences of our target audience, tailoring content to address their specific challenges effectively.
  • SEO Optimization: Optimize content for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords and meta descriptions to improve organic visibility and increase web traffic.
  • Content Distribution: Work with the marketing team to devise content distribution strategies across various channels, such as social media, email campaigns, guest posting, and industry forums.
  • Editorial Excellence: Edit and proofread content to ensure grammatical accuracy, adherence to brand guidelines, and consistency in tone and style.
  • Content Promotion: Collaborate with the marketing team to promote content through various channels and analyze content performance metrics to refine strategies.
  • Market Trends: Stay up to date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in the data and analytics industry to incorporate the latest insights into content creation.


You’ll get to work with and learn from our repeat entrepreneur founders and the rest of the Coginiti team. Our team has experience building, funding, and selling business in the data and analytic industry.

At Coginiti, we will make sure that you have what you need to do your job with excellence, including…

  • A positive and supportive team that is committed to your growth, development, and career goals
  • Health insurance where we pay most of the monthly cost.
  • A flexible schedule and generous vacation day policy to take the time you need for self-care and personal life


  1. Proven Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or a related field, and at least 2 years of experience in technical content writing, preferably in a B2B technology-focused environment.
  2. Technical Acumen: Solid understanding of data and analytics-related technologies, products, and services, with the ability to simplify complex concepts for a broader audience.
  3. Exceptional Writing Skills: Strong command of English, impeccable grammar, and the ability to craft clear, persuasive, and engaging content.
  4. SEO Knowledge: Familiarity with SEO best practices and keyword research to optimize content for search engines.
  5. Research Skills: Proven ability to conduct in-depth research and source accurate information from technical resources.
  6. Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt writing style and tone according to various content types and audience segments.
  7. Time Management: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines consistently.
  8. Collaboration: Excellent teamwork and communication skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams.


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