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Waving Goodbye to Aginity Workbench

When we first built Workbench for our own use, we had no idea that 10s of 1000s of users would come to rely on it for their daily tasks across a host of on-prem and cloud analytics platforms. We hear daily from users who have loved having access to such a robust (and free!) product for the past 10 years, but we have also heard many requests for new features, new platforms and for additional support which was a challenge for us to provide.

The dirty secret is that what was once a “hobby”, had significant technical limitations and costs to maintain and improve.  It has now come time to sunset this gem and embrace our next generation of SQL query offerings. So while it’s sad to say that we won’t be actively developing Workbench anymore (which means ceasing new updates and support), we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity it creates for us to perfect our new products, Coginiti Pro and Coginiti Premium.

While users may know us only as “the Workbench people”, we’ve quietly spent recent years helping companies scale their analytics through the ability to manage analytic code as governed executable “assets”.  While working on these efforts, we gained a deep understanding of the necessary capabilities you will now see coming to life in a SQL query experience for the first time. Here’s what all the hype is about:


For our fearless solo analysts, we’ve developed a tool that empowers you to write, save and reuse SQL at each point in your workflow. Pro helps you manage your SQL as your project or workload builds, making it easily searchable. You’ll never rewrite the same piece of SQL again—when you use Coginiti Pro.  And you can instantaneously refer back to objects in your catalog when you’re ready to reuse or edit them.


For our collaborators, your teammates can now seamlessly share SQL amongst each other—to maintain one, unified version of your team’s work. “Owners” of the original SQL can provide view, edit and co-owner access to their team members.  And the team will never have to second-guess an approved asset’s location again. It’s time everyone got on the same page.


Both products represent the most forward-looking programs to write SQL today—they save time, boost productivity, and allow users to unlock their full potential.

If you’re still feeling nostalgic about Workbench’s capabilities, we invite you to schedule a demo of Pro or Premium. We know you’ll be ready to make the leap by the end of the presentation.

We’re excited to keep meeting your SQL needs with innovative new ways to use your code and can’t wait for you to try out Coginiti Pro and Coginiti Premium.