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v22.3 Release Notes: Aginity is now Coginiti Pro and Coginiti Premium

Chris Crompton
April 4, 2022

This release marks the transition from the Aginity name to Coginiti.  Same people, same passion, new name. 🙂

Once upgraded, our current Aginity icon will no longer launch the application.

Besides the name, here’s what’s new in v22.3:

Advanced Results Grid

We get a lot of requests to enhance the results grid in Pro, and this release, massive amount of new functionality will be available to our Pro users:

  • Pivoting
  • Aggregations
  • Advanced Filters
  • Charting
  • Pinning (for both columns and rows)

Catalog Asset Version History

Maintain an audit trail of all changes made to your SQL Catalog Assets! Coginiti Premium users will also see the user responsible for each edit made to shared assets. Just right click on a catalog asset name and select ‘View History.’ We will continue to build out Catalog versioning with additional functionality in future releases.


We’re introducing a new module on the right-hand panel called ‘Notifications.’ This panel will house all key Coginiti notifications coming. In this first phase, we’ll notify you about your data upload jobs and migrations to Coginiti Premium. Coginiti Premium users will also be able to monitor the status of any scheduled queries. We’ll keep building on new and improved functionality in subsequent releases.

Note that this module replaces our old ‘Job Monitor’ and brings a new and refreshed design.

Platform Coverage

As you know, we’re always working hard to expand object, autocomplete and DDL coverage for our supported platforms. Here’s what we’ve added today:

  • BigQuery – External Tables, User Based Authentication (Premium)
  • Postgres / Greenplum – new driver (41.3.3)

New Stored Procedure / Function Parser

We introduced simplified automated parsing for Stored Procedures / Functions for Snowflake in the last release. We’re now adding this functionality for Redshift, Netezza and DB2.