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Stop Re-Writing (and copying and pasting) Your SQL

Chris Crompton
November 9, 2021

We hear it all the time: data engineers and analysts complaining about how hard it is to locate existing SQL assets, whether generated by themselves or by a teammate, for reuse in a new project.

Inevitably, after combing through your hard drive and company network, or using email or internal chat tools to beg others for help (assuming, of course, that whoever wrote the code still works there), you’ll likely just give up and write the SQL code again, thereby wasting even more time (and with less consistent results).

This common frustration inspired us to develop the Active Catalog. Our catalog enables your team to build its own library of resources. It serves as a repository for SQL code, where you can quickly save and locate SQL code assets generated by you or anyone else on your team to reuse them.

To help users quickly locate the SQL code they need, Coginiti’s Active Catalog supports the use of metadata, such as titles, descriptions, and other identifiers to provide context. You can also tag and categorize your SQL as queries, calculations, or relationships. And you can organize Catalog entries however you like—for example, using separate folders for different projects, database sources, tags, or whatever have you. Finally, before sharing your SQL Catalog object, by using just its name, you can add user prompts and parameters, editable at run-time, to make reuse easy for everyone…regardless of technical proficiency.

Using the Active Catalog to save, locate and reuse SQL assets has an enormous impact on team efficiency and productivity. In fact, our users report output improvements of 30%-40%. This in turn enables teams to deliver insights that much faster.

Oh, and speaking of insights: because they’re generated from Catalog-managed code, they’re more consistent. So, you spend less time reconciling your results and can move on to the next challenge straightaway. There’s not a data engineer or analyst alive who wouldn’t appreciate that!

Clearly, Coginiti’s Catalog is more than a simple code repository. It dramatically accelerates your ability to execute SQL queries and data transformations to glean critical insights. It’s no wonder organizations like Change Healthcare, the Wonderful Company, and Kingfisher have embraced Coginiti. If you haven’t yet, you should explore Coginiti for yourself!