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Customers describe 2x and 3x productivity using Coginiti

Katherine Matsayko
April 26, 2022

Over two days in Atlanta, April 13-14, analytics experts, data scientists, engineers, analysts and managers came together to explore the future of modern analytics with the Coginiti leadership team. Several consistent themes emerged from customers using the products, industry analysts intimate with the challenges data organizations struggle with, and the product managers who are guiding Coginiti’s collaborative approach to analytics.

Substantial productivity & efficiency gains

Directors of analytics teams and BI managers described the scenarios within their very different organizations, both organized around analytics as a service, where increases in output as measured by productivity and efficiency metrics both increased dramatically after adopting Coginiti Premium. “More than 200%” and “3x or more” were provided as testimony to the productivity gains experienced once a collaborative catalog and code sharing became the norm.

The benefits emerge quickly

Whether processing data analytics for retail brands, for healthcare insurers, or SMS marketers, customers currently using Coginiti Premium reported that the effective changes in productivity arrived soon after their teams starting using collaborative practices. The shortened time to insights was described as the #1 benefit of working as a collaborative team. And that within just 1-2 months, the changes were evident and the efficiency gains started to truly add up.

Code sharing and reuse changes the game

Extreme productivity gains with shorter time to insights come about primarily from the workflow efficiencies found in sharing SQL code, and the reuse of the most productive analytic assets. One expert from a large financial institution offered that, “…the theory is that analysts will follow the best use of certain analytics – they will build on each other’s work. We need some mechanism to actually share the intelligence, to become more collaborative and get away from the way things run today. You’ve discovered something, you have some insight and you created some code to get there. Now you’re able to share the analytic assets related to that end product…”

Collaborative Intelligence works in both centralized and decentralized orgs

One of the unexpected discoveries from the variety of customers sharing their experiences with Coginiti Premium is the positive impact it’s having in traditionally centralized organizations as well as highly decentralized ones. After unpacking this over a Q&A session, it became apparent that “anytime teams are working together” the benefits of a collaborative analytics practice will accrue.

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