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Coginiti May 2022 Release: Version History Compare, Quick Stats for Query Results, and More

Chris Crompton
May 10, 2022

Coginiti v22.4 is now available for download.  This release adds several updates, including version comparison within our Collaborative Catalog, a new framework for reusable code blocks, and quick statistics on query result selections.  Watch the overview video and details below.

Catalog Versioning & Version Compare

Our previous release introduced Catalog Version History to automatically maintain an audit trail of all changes made to assets stored in Coginiti’s Catalog.  Use Catalog Versioning to track your own edits, edits inherited when importing a Catalog file from a colleague, and edits made to any shared Catalog assets in Coginiti Premium. 

With this May 2022 update, you’ll now be able to quickly compare versions side-by-side to see exactly what changed.  Navigate to this feature by right clicking on a specific Catalog asset and selecting ‘View History.’ Then click the Compare button at the bottom of the window. 

Introducing CoginitiScript

Version 22.4 lays the groundwork for CoginitiScript, a framework for reusable code blocks from which you can build flexible SQL pipelines with versioned, shareable, and referenceable code.   We have a strong roadmap of CoginitiScript build-out planned in upcoming releases, including support for variables, macros, and publication of block results into external database objects.  Check out this support article to find out more. 

Quick Stats for Query Results

Our previous release opened up a ton of new results grid functionality, including pivoting and charting.  Our new v22.4 release introduces Quick Statistics for query results.  Select any range of rows and/or columns to see overview stats relevant to the data (such as sum, average, min, max, and distinct), or get Quick Stats for an entire column by clicking the hamburger menu in the column header, then clicking the second menu option to select the column. 

Platform Coverage

We’re always working hard to expand object, autocomplete, and DDL coverage for our supported platforms. IBM Netezza users will be happy to know that the latest version of Coginiti has added driver support for Netezza 

We’ve also added several UI improvements in v22.4, such as a confirmation dialog box when closing a query tab with unsaved changes.

Grab the latest version of Coginiti Pro now.